’56 Ford F-100 Propane Hot Rod @ SEMA

Make no mistake about it. Propane-powered hot rods make a remarkable amount of sense. America needs to make an immediate and lasting dent in the amount of imported oil. Of all the alternate fuels, propane offers the most immediate avenue for acceptance. A national infrastructure already exists to for both consumer and commercial applications. Propane conversions on older vehicles needn’t be overly expensive nor difficult to accomplish. This nation has plenty of propane to meet demand and the fuel burns far more cleanly than conventional gasoline.

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A Comprehensive Unbiased Approach to National Transportation/Energy Policy

Our national security continues to be at stake. By borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Middle East, we dig ourselves deeper into the hole each day. As a nation, we must take a comprehensive and unbiased approach to national transportation/energy policy. We have been given the natural resources to make this happen. … Read more

Recovery Through Retrofit for Trucks

Domestic energy independence and economic renewal are core themes here at MPGomatic. Today’s announcement of the Federal Recovery Through Retrofit program spurs the question: why isn’t there a Recovery Through Retrofit Program for Pickup Trucks? Tens of millions of existing pickup trucks could benefit from the conversion to plentiful natural gas or to more fuel-efficient … Read more

Civic NGV

Ever wish you could fill up at home and skip the service station altogether? How about eliminating your addiction to petroleum with the cleanest internal combustion engine sold today? The Honda Civic NGV aims to fill all those dreams. The natural gas powered Civic GX NGV is refilled via a Phill home fueling unit, which … Read more

CNG Yaris 5-Door Concept

What that you say? A Toyota Yaris that just might be the (oh so green) apple of T. Boone Pickens’ eye? Toyota pulled out the stops for SEMA 2008 and rolled out a bright metallic green wide body five-door Yaris packed with spiffy surprises, including dual video screens, shaved doors, suicides, and a clamshell tailgate … Read more