’56 Ford F-100 Propane Hot Rod @ SEMA

Make no mistake about it. Propane-powered hot rods make a remarkable amount of sense. America needs to make an immediate and lasting dent in the amount of imported oil. Of all the alternate fuels, propane offers the most immediate avenue for acceptance. A national infrastructure already exists to for both consumer and commercial applications. Propane conversions on older vehicles needn’t be overly expensive nor difficult to accomplish. This nation has plenty of propane to meet demand and the fuel burns far more cleanly than conventional gasoline.

Steve’s Restorations propane-powered 1956 Ford F-100 pickup drew plenty of attention in SEMA’s Making Green Cool Zone, with an abundance of custom copper work, suicide doors, a slick tilt bed, and dazzling pearl metallic paint. While the 460 cubic inch Ford engine delivers the equivalent of nine miles per gallon or so, it doesn’t use a drop of gasoline. How many big bad hot rods can say that?

With propane prices significantly lower than conventional fuels, propane conversion offers hot rod enthusiasts the opportunity to maintain an investment in existing vehicles and drive trains.

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