A Comprehensive Unbiased Approach to National Transportation/Energy Policy

Our national security continues to be at stake. By borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Middle East, we dig ourselves deeper into the hole each day.

As a nation, we must take a comprehensive and unbiased approach to national transportation/energy policy. We have been given the natural resources to make this happen. It is simply a question of having the will to see it through, without giving into factions and lobbies.

Step 1: Immediate and massive conversion of diesel fleet vehicles to natural gas power (NGV). This will spur employment and lower pollution in communities across the nation. School bus, public transportation, utility, delivery, and courier fleets present a prime opportunity for retrofits and new vehicle sales.

Step 2: Encourage the rapid adoption of highly-efficient clean diesel passenger vehicles. The engines and exhaust treatment systems have been developed. Americans need to be able to buy passenger vehicles with the same fuel-efficient engines that are available in Europe, where diesel market share exceeds 50%.

Step 3: Continue to encourage the development of electric-powered passenger vehicles (PHEVs & EVs). Lets get the battery plants built and bring these cars to market at an affordable cost. This will require massive government subsidies in the short-term, until the cost of production is driven down to a realistic level.

Step 4: Turn up the heat on biofuel development. Ease away from inefficient corn-based ethanol production. Increase algae production efforts.

Step 5: Provide micro-grants to garage entrepreneurs for technology development and installation. Revitalize the auto dealerships that have lost their franchise and get those service departments humming again.

Step 6: Encourage drivers to become more fuel-efficient through technology and technique. You don’t have to drive like Grandma to save a few dollars at the pump each time you fill up. Over the course of a year, the savings can be significant.

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5 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Unbiased Approach to National Transportation/Energy Policy”

  1. I agree 100% to eliminate foreign fuel usage in the USA, or at least highly reduce it.
    The Natural Gas conversion is a win win. As well as “clean diesel. These are the simplest for fastest implementation to some of the best fuel applications.
    So far the Hybrid engines are not showing any significant relief on gasoline usage. Especially for the cost of the vehicles. We must see products that actually show real benefit.
    The current government as all past governments have let us Americans down. Way Down.

  2. I found out the fueling Compressed Natural Gas and then boosted by hydrogen is the cleanest, cheapest way to power a car in the US.

  3. I’ve been driving a 1997 Honda Del Sol which I bought new. I get 35 miles per gallon. I am looking at a TDI Sportwagen to go along with my two seater. In Florida all you see is big SUVs and pickups.

  4. What about downsizing, does everybody that drives an SUV need one ? 4 cylinders cars with manual transmission is a good immidiate way to lower your dependance to fossil fuels, public transportation etc…There’s not one answer but a bunch of solutions that will fit everybody.

  5. I like what you’ve written. I also like the comments about downsizing. It boggles my mind that just when we were beginning to realize that there were several problems with burning petroleum, the US car companies came out with SUVs. Now they’re everywhere, and still being produced. It only requires a change of attitude in the general public, coupled with courageous leadership in the government, to turn it around. As was said, many solutions are needed to solve many problems. Keep writing!

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