CNG Yaris 5-Door Concept

What that you say? A Toyota Yaris that just might be the (oh so green) apple of T. Boone Pickens’ eye? Toyota pulled out the stops for SEMA 2008 and rolled out a bright metallic green wide body five-door Yaris packed with spiffy surprises, including dual video screens, shaved doors, suicides, and a clamshell tailgate that revealed a CNG tank tucked away under the window-rattling sound system. Duel fuel is twice the fun!

With the aid of a gracious Toyota rep, we crawled all over the CNG Yaris to bring back this video for your viewing pleasure. Highlights include the under mirror door popper buttons, power clam shell, hidden CNG tank, low key CNG dash button control, Rotora brakes, and gargantuan DPE rims clad in Nitto rubber.

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  1. Hopefully they are planning on releasing it in the US sometime soon. Honda really needs a competitior. The Mercedes NGV also has some potential, if they release it in the US markets. What it comes down to is if the company is willing to deal with the EPA.

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