Hybrid Reviews

MPGomatic’s hybrid reviews tackle the topics of fuel-efficiency, driveability, and in-cabin technology in a format that’s fast, fun and to the point. From mild hybrids to plug-in hybrids – and everything in-between – we’ve pledged to review them all …

Chevy Malibu Hybrid Review

The 2008 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid delivers style and fuel economy, as it competes with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, and Ford Fusion among others in the Family Sedan category.

Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Review

The 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid is a traditional truck-based full-size three-row SUV with a big difference. The Tahoe Hybrid’s two-mode hybrid system functions as promised, delivering a substantial jump in fuel economy when compared to the conventional Tahoe.

2011 Chevrolet Volt Review

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is both futuristic and familiar, with a range-extended Voltec drivetrain designed to provide efficiency, as well as flexibility. Top off the battery overnight and you’ll have approximately 40 miles of pure electric range in the morning. If you should exceed the Volt’s range before recharging, a fuel-efficient gasoline-powered engine will kick in to provide electricity to power the electric motor.

Ford Escape Hybrid Review

The 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid is a five seat sport utility that competes with the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Highlander, and Jeep Patriot, among others. In a crowded field, the Escape Hybrid’s excellent gas mileage set Ford’s innovative SUV apart from the competition.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Review

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid sets a high mark in the growing four-door sedan hybrid segment with its capability to cruise under electric power at speeds up to 47 miles per hour (MPH). When driven under the right conditions, the Fusion Hybrid achieves remarkable fuel economy. Just as importantly, this car makes no compromises, with plenty of technology, style, and comfort.

Honda Civic Hybrid Review

The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid is an ideal commuter’s car, achieving its best mileage out on the highway, unlike the Prius, Altima Hybrid, and Camry Hybrid, which deliver better mileage in the the city.

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Review

While it’s not as quick and light as the legendary CR-X Si nor as remarkably fuel-efficient as the original Insight, the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid is an entertaining ride when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission. If you like to run through the gears and must have a hybrid, the CR-Z Hybrid is the only game in town.

Honda Insight Review

The 2010 Honda Insight is the least expensive, and arguably, the most sporty hybrid car currently available in the United States. The Insight delivers the goods for cost-conscious drivers with a focus on overall cost of ownership and driver engagement.

Lexus RX400h Review

The 2008 Lexus RX400h is a luxury five seat sport utility that competes with the Acura RDX, BMW X5, Cadillac SRX, and Mercedes R-Class (among others) . While that’s a crowded field, the RX400h’s hybrid drive train sets the luxurious Lexus apart from its most worthy competitors.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Review

The mid-size 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedan shares a proven platform with the Ford Fusion Hybrid and adds an array of luxury features. Lincoln is looking to spur increased acceptance of hybrid technology in the mid-size luxury sedan market by offering the MKZ Hybrid at the same price as the non-hybrid MKZ sedan.

Nissan Altima Hybrid Review

The 2008 Altima Hybrid is a mid-sized front-wheel-drive sedan that competes with the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid in the “hybrid that doesn’t look like a hybrid” market.

Saturn VUE Green Line Hybrid Review

The distinctively styled 2008 Saturn VUE Green Line hybrid competes with the Ford Escape Hybrid, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Jeep Patriot, and Compass among others in the crowded compact SUV category.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

Proving that fuel-efficiency, conservative styling, and a comfortable ride are not mutually exclusive, the 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid delivers a winning combination of high-MPGs with a roomy interior and low-key appearance.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review

The 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a seven seat SUV that plays a trump card in the sport utility market, by delivering the best gas mileage in its class.

Toyota Prius Review

The space age-styled 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid delivers chart-topping fuel economy, a quiet ride, and a surprising amount of interior room.

Toyota Prius IV Review

The 2010 Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient gasoline powered car for sale in America today. The third-generation Prius offers significant improvements over previous versions, and is fully capable of scoring 60 MPG combined when driven with a light foot.

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