25 Fuel Efficient Cars That Are Not Hybrids

Are you thinking about buying a new fuel efficient car but are wary of hybrid technology? Fear not! There are dozens of cars on the market today that deliver great fuel economy without resorting to heavy and expensive battery packs. While most of these vehicles are designed to run on petroleum products (either conventional gasoline or diesel fuel), the Ford Focus SFE (shown below) is a FlexFuel vehicle that can run on 100% domestic E85 ethanol fuel as well as conventional unleaded gasoline and intermediate blends.

2014 Ford Focus five-door It comes as no surprise that the top of the list is dominated by Volkswagen TDI models, as clean diesels are renown for their excellent highway MPGs, but General Motors has (finally!) taken up the challenge with the remarkable 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

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