A Comprehensive Unbiased Approach to National Transportation/Energy Policy

Our national security continues to be at stake. By borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Middle East, we dig ourselves deeper into the hole each day. As a nation, we must take a comprehensive and unbiased approach to national transportation/energy policy. We have been given the natural resources to make this happen. … Read more

Recovery Through Retrofit for Trucks

Domestic energy independence and economic renewal are core themes here at MPGomatic. Today’s announcement of the Federal Recovery Through Retrofit program spurs the question: why isn’t there a Recovery Through Retrofit Program for Pickup Trucks? Tens of millions of existing pickup trucks could benefit from the conversion to plentiful natural gas or to more fuel-efficient … Read more

35.5 MPG by 2016? Bring it On!

With all the hoopla about our nation hitting a 35.5 mile per gallon (MPG) average for new cars and trucks by 2016, its easy to lose sight of some simple facts. The original goal set forth by the Bush administration was 35 MPG by 2020. The Obama administration has simply proposed that we speed up the effort by four years and turn up the dial on fuel efficiency.

It’s a great feeling knowing that someone has been listening. We’ve been banging the drum here at MPGomatic for two years now.

An average of 35.5 MPG is not a lofty goal, even in this shortened time frame. Back in March of 2008, MPGomatic opened some eyeballs and raised a lot of eyebrows when we published 35 MPG: Why Wait Until 2020, an article that provided details on the export-only fuel-efficient diesel-powered cars and SUVs that Chrysler builds right here in North America, half of which already hit the 35 MPG mark. Hundreds of thousands of folks have read that article and learned the truth over the past fourteen months.

In Europe, 35 MPG isn’t a goal. It’s the norm.

America need not and must not fear this change. We must embrace it with the realization that it is the best way forward.

35 MPG does not = wimpy cars.

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Civic NGV

Ever wish you could fill up at home and skip the service station altogether? How about eliminating your addiction to petroleum with the cleanest internal combustion engine sold today? The Honda Civic NGV aims to fill all those dreams. The natural gas powered Civic GX NGV is refilled via a Phill home fueling unit, which … Read more

Economic Stimulus Bill: What’s In It For Alternative Fuel Cars?

Sometimes it makes sense to stall. I’ve been meaning to dig into the economic stimulus bill to find out exactly what it contains with regard to alternative fuel cars. As I attended to other matters, the answers appeared in my inbox, thanks to the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) and the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVI). … Read more