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How Much Can You Save?

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Want to figure out your gas mileage? There's no faster way than the MPG-o-Matic Gas Mileage Calculator! Just plug in your numbers and the MPG-o-Matic Gas Mileage calculator will instantly compare the results of two different vehicles. There's no math required ...

You'll instantly see the savings potential of switching from a gas guzzler to a fuel efficient vehicle. Given the high price of gas these days, it can be easy to justify a new car that sips gas, when those savings will make up a significant portion of your monthly payment.

(If you're not sure of your present vehicle's gas mileage, check out the What's My MPG? page.)

PLAN A- Find a Car, Truck or SUV that Gets Great Gas Mileage:

roadmap to better gas mileage

Take a look at how much you're shelling (or exxonning) out for gas each month. Is it two, three, four, or even five hundred dollars a month? Maybe more?

It isn't rocket science or brain surgery, my friends. It's just plain simple math. If you drive tens of thousands of miles per year and your present vehicle gets a good bit less than 20 miles per gallon on average, you can save hundreds of dollars each month by switching to a more thrifty car.

PLAN B - Get More MPGs from Your Current Vehicle:

Not ready to trade in your old wheels? Fear not! You don't have to to buy a new car to start saving on gas. Use the calculator, make some changes to your driving style, perform some mindful maintenance, and you can easily cut your costs by 10% or more per week.

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P.S.: Have you read our Roadmap to Better Gas Mileage yet? It's a quick, easy (and no-cost!) read, filled with real world tips and tactics that can help you improve your fuel efficiency without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on a new car or radically changing your driving habits. Fill out the form below to get started ...



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