Recovery Through Retrofit for Trucks

Domestic energy independence and economic renewal are core themes here at MPGomatic. Today’s announcement of the Federal Recovery Through Retrofit program spurs the question: why isn’t there a Recovery Through Retrofit Program for Pickup Trucks?

Tens of millions of existing pickup trucks could benefit from the conversion to plentiful natural gas or to more fuel-efficient diesel engines. Shuttered automobile dealerships could become conversion centers that reemploy displaced workers and stimulate the economy on Main Street. Existing technology can be bolted into place immediately, without waiting years for development.

Domestically manufactured clean diesel engines and natural gas vehicle (NGV) conversion kits will bring benefit in the near term, as battery-powered conversions come down the line and prices fall.

Cash for Clunkers was just a start. There is much more to do at a local level.

A Recovery Through Retrofit program for Pickup Trucks goes right to the heart of the matter, by providing economic sensibility with an approach that encompasses all technologies, rather than one.

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