Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2017 – Without a Plug

2017 sets another high point for fuel efficiency with a bumper crop of hybrids, turbo-diesels, and small-displacement vehicles that will knock your socks off. Not only do these highly efficient cars deliver great gas mileage, many are exceptionally rewarding to drive and stylish to boot.

While the brand new Hyundai Ioniq swipes the top spot from the Toyota Prius, the Kia Niro, Honda Accord Hybrid, and Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid are roomy and packed with creature comforts.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Here’s our list of the Top Fifty Cars of 2017 with Great MPGs (without a plug) …

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Highest MPG Turbocharged Vehicles of 2015

Turbocharging allows a small displacement engine to achieve significantly higher levels of horsepower (HP) and torque on demand, while delivering more miles per gallon (MPG) in light-load conditions. Once thought of purely from a performance perspective, forced induction technology has become a cornerstone of the march to higher fuel efficiency. You can have your cake and eat it too.

The top 15 list of highest combined MPG 2015 vehicles includes a mix of diesel and gasoline powered models, with the VW Jetta Hybrid taking the top spot. The Jetta Hybrid’s superior city fuel efficiency provides a significant advantage in tough traffic.

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How Do Convertible Tops Affect Fuel Economy?

There’s something about open air motoring that cannot be duplicated by a sunroof (regardless of size) or targa roof. My first car was a ragtop and I hope my last car will be as well. Needless to say, I don’t make apologies for loving convertibles.

I’ve long wondered about the effect of convertible tops on fuel economy. While I’ve never run tests on any of my own cars, I have put a number of review convertibles through highway testing loops with the top up and top down. But I haven’t had the opportunity to put a video out on the topic, until now …

The stars aligned recently, and I was able to schedule a 2013 Chrysler 200 S convertible and a 2014 Ford Mustang convertible, on back-to-back weeks. This gave me the chance to test two (of the three) American V6 convertibles available today under similar weather and traffic conditions, over an identical route.

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2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI Manual Convertible Review

MPG-o-Matic 2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI Review Summary: If you’ve ever dreamed of a fuel-efficient clean diesel convertible, those dreams just came true. The 2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI is the most fuel-efficient – and only diesel – ragtop offered for sale in the USA today. When equipped with the six-speed manual transmission, it delivers a driving experience unlike anything else on the road. The joy of heavy pedal rapid-fire 3000 RPM shifts coupled with light-footed fuel-stingy glides is positively splendid. While the back seat is tight and the styling is not everyone’s cup of tea, the Beetle TDI delivers competently.

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