Car Subscription Service Comparison

Vehicle subscription services offer a compelling alternative to traditional ownership, leasing, and rental. They are useful in situations that prevent long-term commitment. Think of it as an in-betweener for those times when a traditional rental is too expensive and a lease is too burdensome. Need a car for a month or two (maybe six)? A subscription might be right for you. The primary differentiators between car subscription plans include service areas, monthly costs, upfront fees, mileage limits, flexibility, and vehicles offered. A slew of companies have launched in recent years and the marketplace is evolving rapidly.

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Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2017 – Without a Plug

2017 sets another high point for fuel efficiency with a bumper crop of hybrids, turbo-diesels, and small-displacement vehicles that will knock your socks off. Not only do these highly efficient cars deliver great gas mileage, many are exceptionally rewarding to drive and stylish to boot.

While the brand new Hyundai Ioniq swipes the top spot from the Toyota Prius, the Kia Niro, Honda Accord Hybrid, and Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid are roomy and packed with creature comforts.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Here’s our list of the Top Fifty Cars of 2017 with Great MPGs (without a plug) …

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Where Can I Buy a Smart Car?

“Where can I buy a Smart Car?” is one of the most frequently asked questions here at It seems that some folks are absolutely fascinated with the diminutive four-wheeled critter.

Low acquisition cost, high MPGs (33 city / 41 highway), and the look-at-me factor are at the center of the Smart Car’s appeal. While the fortwo gets good gas mileage, the smartest and most fuel-efficient of the Smarts is the diesel engine-equipped model, yet to be imported to the States.

smart fortwo

Smart has sold 10,000 fortwos in the United States as of June 24th, with 2,695 of the sales racked up in May alone. Sales began this January, stoked by an innovative $99 reservation program that launched in April, 2007 and a 44-city road tour that clearly worked to whip the smartnorati into a buying mood.

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