Apple Does the Right Thing

The best camera in the world is the one that you have with you when you need it. I’ve used three different conventional action cameras as in-car units over the years, but I have increasingly come to rely upon my iPhone. I ran into some difficulties with my iPhone in 2017, that all started with a cracked screen. I was on the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT media drive in northern New England when the phone slipped from my hand and hit the sidewalk, glass down …

The glass was cracked, but perfectly usable (for a while), until the day it wasn’t.

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How Did You Get Here?

My daily routine always includes a check of MPGomatic’s website stats over that first cup of coffee or tea. And seeing that we were out of coffee this morning, tea it was. So I made myself a cup of Earl Grey, sat down in front of the computer, and fired up Google Analytics to check … Read more

An Anti-Diesel Conspiracy in America?

It’s been half a decade since I killed a tree (and I’ve killed more than my share in my day), but that might come to an end very soon. I’m getting ready to shop a book/documentary proposal, with the working title “Bent Over a Barrel” … it’s the story of how Big Oil’s actions and … Read more

MPGomatic Featured on CNN

Continuing on a media roll, MPGomatic landed an ever-so-brief segment on CNN yesterday, after submitting an iReport on the topic of “would you buy an American car.” The segment happened completely on a whim, after deciding that Tuesday was the day to fire up the iMac’s webcam and cut a quick report. The phone rang … Read more

MPGomatic Traffic Jumps

In the words of Bart Simpson, “holy cow!” We’re getting LOTS of traffic to the front page of this morning and I haven’t been able to figure out where it’s coming from. My best guess is that we landed a media mention somewhere. I couldn’t let this pass by without sending out a hearty … Read more