MPGomatic Featured on CNN

Continuing on a media roll, MPGomatic landed an ever-so-brief segment on CNN yesterday, after submitting an iReport on the topic of “would you buy an American car.” The segment happened completely on a whim, after deciding that Tuesday was the day to fire up the iMac’s webcam and cut a quick report.

The phone rang just minutes after uploading the video to CNN’s server.

My jaw dropped when I saw “Turner Broadcasting” on the Caller ID. reporter Katie Hawkins-Gaar asked a slew of questions.

I did my best to reply, although I couldn’t come up with the answer to the seemingly simple question “what’s your favorite car?”

A victim of abundance, I spend time with so many cars, it’s tough to name just one.

This morning, I discovered that a clip from my piece actually made it on the air. You’ll see it about 2:10 in …

Here’s the complete iReport:

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