How Did You Get Here?

My daily routine always includes a check of MPGomatic’s website stats over that first cup of coffee or tea. And seeing that we were out of coffee this morning, tea it was. So I made myself a cup of Earl Grey, sat down in front of the computer, and fired up Google Analytics to check the traffic situation.

Another Monday, another random spike in traffic. Monday is always a busy day, but yesterday was even more so. At first I attributed it to the onset of spring and a hopeful sign that the economy is beginning to thaw with the jump in the stock market.

As I dug deeper into the daily site statistics, I noticed a dramatic jump in traffic to the front page of … without a referring link. This always makes me scratch my head. The last time this happened, it was from a mention in a MSN/TreeHugger article

If you’re new to, a hearty welcome … and if you’re a regular, welcome back! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How Did You Get Here?”

  1. I look at your sight often, along with TTAC and a list of others concerning autos.
    In fact, I buy cars A LOT.
    Two this winter, the MKS and the Mazda6.
    But I find it easier with the use of ALLTOP.
    Perhaps this helps the jump in your numbers as well.

  2. I love DIESEL automobiles. My family has owned MB, VW, and various GM diesel vehicles. We wish General Motors would add a Diesel to the Suburban – we’d order one TODAY. Also wouldn’t hurt to add a diesel to the Hummers. I read GM canceled plans to develop a 4.8 diesel – huge mistake. Perhaps bankruptcy will change this.

    Were have all the DIESEL gone?

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