Subaru Forester Mountain Rescue Concept @ SEMA 08

While Subaru designed their Forester Mountain Rescue concept for high altitudes, there’s no question this truck has attitude. Rare is the Subaru with this much ground clearance. The Ski Patrol rides to the rescue with an Air Lift custom driver-adjustable ride height suspension, 9500 pound Warn winch, DeeZee (grill guard and custom side steps) and Bushwacker (custom trail armor, fender flares, tail light guards, rear gate guard and lower door cladding) gear.

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SEMA: How To Drive From Alaska to Argentina Without Fossil Fuel

It’s Vegas, Baby! Of all the vehicles at SEMA this year, Baby had to be the most unlikely candidate to appear in a starring role. As the focal point of the award-winning “Oil + Water – The Movie,” this remarkably repurposed biofuel-burning diesel-powered Japanese fire truck traveled more than 21,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina. … Read more

SEMA ’08 – Making Green Cool Zone

2008 marked the debut of SEMA’s “Making Green Cool Zone” with a wide range of environmentally oriented vehicles displayed at the rear of LVCC North Hall’s upper level. While I usually leave the camera in the bag at press conferences, this momentous occasion warranted video documentation, with luminaries including the George Barris – the King … Read more

2010 Chevy Camaro V6

When a GM rep asked if I’d like to have a conversation with one of the new Chevy Camaro’s engineers at SEMA, I jumped at the chance. Although I’ve never owned a Camaro personally, I’ve always seen its merits. Looking at the upcoming car with a historic perspective made me pause to consider the change that the new model brings. Over the years, the Camaro’s gas mileage ratings have rarely been a selling point.

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CNG Yaris 5-Door Concept

What that you say? A Toyota Yaris that just might be the (oh so green) apple of T. Boone Pickens’ eye? Toyota pulled out the stops for SEMA 2008 and rolled out a bright metallic green wide body five-door Yaris packed with spiffy surprises, including dual video screens, shaved doors, suicides, and a clamshell tailgate … Read more