SEMA: How To Drive From Alaska to Argentina Without Fossil Fuel

It’s Vegas, Baby! Of all the vehicles at SEMA this year, Baby had to be the most unlikely candidate to appear in a starring role. As the focal point of the award-winning “Oil + Water – The Movie,” this remarkably repurposed biofuel-burning diesel-powered Japanese fire truck traveled more than 21,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina. And here Baby was on the upper floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall … not just content to be at center stage in SEMA’s Making Green Cool Zone … Baby was the stage.

Seth Warren kindly gave us an exhaustive tour of Baby, detailing the big red Toyota’s technological and creative innovations , while sharing the gospel on sustainable energy and good old fun. Check out Baby’s current adventures at … if you dig through the blog, you can catch a couple of photos of yours truly at work … 🙂

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