Best 2022 Pickup Truck Gas Mileage

There’s a new leader on top of the pickup truck gas mileage charts for 2022 and it’s a solid deal, straight off the lot … if you can find one.

This post takes a run through the most fuel-efficient trucks with internal combustion engines, listing the highest scoring drivetrains for each model first, followed by the less-efficient configurations. It’s worth noting that there are still two pickups offered with manual transmissions in America.

Ford Maverick Pickup

When Ford rolled out the Maverick Hybrid they didn’t just catch the world by surprise. The company proved a point that the industry didn’t want to admit (publicly). There really is a market for small capable pickup trucks with excellent gas mileage! If your family can only own one vehicle, an affordable and economical pickup is a solid choice.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid is 2022's pickup truck gas mileage champ!

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Top 10 Best Mileage 2018 AWD Vehicles

Once upon a time, exceptional fuel economy and all-wheel-drive (AWD) were mutually exclusive automotive attributes. But with today’s highly efficient hybrid, turbo-diesel, and conventional drivetrains it’s a whole new ballgame. As the song goes, the times, they are a changing, and forty miles per gallon (MPG) on the highway is a reality if you choose a diesel-powered vehicle.

The Jaguar XF is extremely fuel-efficient when equipped with a turbodiesel engine.

Let’s take a look at the ten most fuel-efficient AWD vehicles of 2018.

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Reduce U-Haul Truck Gas Costs & Expenses

I needed to rent a U-Haul box truck earlier this month and took the opportunity to shoot a video that demonstrates how reduce expenses. Needless to say, U-Haul trucks can be gas guzzling beasts (despite what their advertisements say). The video covers a a combination of fuel economy improvement techniques and other tactics. The truck shown in the video is a 10 foot GMC box truck.

I would have preferred to rent a high roof Ford Transit, but U-Haul only had standard roof versions on their lot. The Transit should be more fuel efficient than an old school box truck. Enterprise rents Transits, but none were available locally, so I was stuck with the little U-Haul Box truck.

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GMC Yukon Gas Mileage: 1992 – 2013

If there was a competition for poster boy for the excess consumption of gasoline, the GMC Yukon would surely be among the finalists. While the hybrid version of the Yukon 1500 may be rated at 20 miles per gallon in the city, the 2500 is rated at half that amount. Nevertheless, the Yukon Hybrid hasn’t found a huge number of buyers. The best solution for the Yukon would be a turbo-diesel engine, but General Motors hasn’t had the gumption to drop a Duramax between the fenders, for whatever reason. A properly geared diesel would likely outshine the Hybrid on the highway. Even better if it ran B20 domestic renewable biodiesel. Fingers crossed we see it soon …

2013 Hybrid GMC Yukon Denali

I know some folks say, it’s too big, it uses too much gas
Some folks say it’s too old, and that it goes too fast
But my love is bigger than a Honda, it is bigger than a Subaru
– Bruce Springsteen/Pink Cadillac

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