Honda Gas Mileage

Hybrids top the MPG charts in Honda’s 2012 lineup. The compact front-wheel-drive (FWD) Civic Hybrid sedan is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the range, with gas mileage ratings of 44 city / 44 highway / 44 combined. The Civic Hybrid is fitted with a 1.5-liter four cylinder engine, CVT transmission and hybrid drive train. The slightly smaller Insight Hybrid sedan nips at the Civic Hybrid’s MPGs, at 41 city / 44 highway / 42 combined. The two-seat CR-Z hybrid offers a six-speed manual transmission – which is unique among hybrids – and is rated at 35 city / 37 highway / 34 combined with the manual. Folks who like the CR-Z’s looks but would rather have an automatic are rewarded with a bit more thrifty 35 city / 39 highway / 37 combined.

The 2012 Civic HF revives a legendary badge and gets the highest MPGs among Honda’s conventionally-powered range, with gas mileage ratings of 29 city / 41 highway / 33 combined. Honda is the only manufacturer to offer a passenger car that runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). We recently put the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas to an extensive highway road test and found that it’s not difficult to drive without gasoline, as long as you have CNG filling stations along your route.

2013 Honda Gas Mileage

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013HondaAccord4 cyl.2.4 literAuto(AV-S7)263529Regular
2013HondaAccord4 cyl.2.4 literManual 6-spd243428Regular
2013HondaAccord6 cyl.3.5 literAuto 6-spd213425Regular
2013HondaAccord6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)213225Regular
2013HondaAccord6 cyl.3.5 literManual 6-spd182822Regular
2013HondaAccord4 cyl.2.4 literAuto (CVT)273630Regular
2013HondaCR-V 2WD4 cyl.2.4 literAuto 5-spd233126Regular
2013HondaCR-V 4WD4 cyl.2.4 literAuto 5-spd223025Regular
2013HondaFit4 cyl.1.5 literManual 5-spd273329Regular
2013HondaFit4 cyl.1.5 literAuto 5-spd283531Regular
2013HondaFit4 cyl.1.5 literAuto (S5)273330Regular
2013HondaFit EVAuto (A1)132105118Electricity
2013HondaInsight4 cyl.1.3 literAuto (CVT)414442Regular
2013HondaInsight4 cyl.1.3 literAuto(AV-S7)414442Regular
2013HondaOdyssey6 cyl.3.5 literAuto 5-spd182721Regular
2013HondaOdyssey6 cyl.3.5 literAuto 6-spd192822Regular
2013HondaPilot 2WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto 5-spd182521Regular
2013HondaPilot 4WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto 5-spd172420Regular
2013HondaRidgeline Truck 4WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto 5-spd152117Regular


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