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Picking the Right Size Tire for Your Jeep

Choosing the proper size tires can be a tough decision. While the natural tendency is to go large, there are many things to consider … and they all have an impact on your wallet. TeraFlex Suspensions has an awesome video on how to decide on which size to use on your Jeep. The video does a great job of explaining the changes that are necessary when fitting larger size tires.

The wrong size, brand, and type of tire will cause headaches. Taking the time to identify your exact needs (rather than wants), will save in the long run. Simply put, you’ll want to avoid going (too) big on your daily driver if you have a long commute. Jumbo aggressive tires look great – and are great off-road – but they may wear quickly, tend to run loud, and will raise your weekly expense at the gas pump due to lower fuel economy.

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