How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

If you’ve never had the need to get rid of a junk car, count yourself lucky. Dumping a clunker can be a real hassle. The trick is to minimize your financial loss without spending a huge amount of time, effort and expense. I’ve had to unload more than a few junkers over the years and it’s never been fun.

For most consumers, junking a car is a losing proposition. But for entrepreneurs, there’s plenty of money to be made. Think about all of the print, TV, and radio advertisements you’ve endured for WeBuyAnyCar, for example. Their pervasive jingle is a highly-effective earworm. If they weren’t making a pile of money off the transactions, they wouldn’t be able to drop so much on advertising. For WeBuyAnyCar and similar firms, junk cars can be gold.

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junk beetle with a lovely patina

8 thoughts on “How Much is My Junk Car Worth?”

  1. @T – There are two pickup truck video reviews in the pipeline right now – 2015 GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma – with more stuff on the way. I’m slated to highway test the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel this month and need to get an F-150 onto the schedule.

  2. You can call the scrapyard and have a good idea what your junk car is worth before you go to a lot of work. Scrap price varies, but right now it runs around $10 per hundred pounds. That is junkyard speak. A 3000 pound car would bring $300 at $10 per hundred. AKA 10 cents per pound. Some states require a title in the seller’s name some states require the wheels and tires removed and some require the fuel tanks removed. Call the scrapyard before your trek there.

  3. Its depends on condition of your car. I want to suggest you before sell your car wash it and clean it properly that will increase your car cost.

  4. My family has had a Toyota Corolla for over 35 years! I think it has finally reached its end, so it is my job to figure out what to do with it. I think that we will probably take it to a dismantling company or maybe just a junk yard. Thanks for the ideas!

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