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Propane Mustang

What would you say to a propane-powered Mustang?

How about whoa!

In one of the coolest displays of real-world hot-rodding on display at the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles 2008 conference, the crew at Santa Ana, CA-based IMPCO proudly displayed their one-off conversion for the 4.6 liter V-8 in their screaming red ‘Stang.

IMPCO’s propane pony car is duel-fuel, starting on gasoline and switching over to propane when the engine warms up, switching back to gasoline when necessary.

The conversion uses a sequential common rail vapor injection system along with a slave ECU that is transparent to the OEM ECU.

Propane-powered vehicles are enjoying a remarkable resurgence in select geographic areas. With natural gas selling for the equivalent of 63.8 cents per gallon in Utah, the state is seeing a rush of interest in conversions.

The best snow on earth and remarkably inexpensive fuel … that’s a tough combo to beat …

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[…] That’s one of the big reason’s I’m down with the Pickens Plan. We need to ramp up the production of wind power as quickly as possible to free up natural gas for use in transportation. Natural gas can be quickly and easily retrofitted into a wide range of vehicles, from city buses to F-150s, to Ford Mustangs. […]

#2 A Langford on 11.11.09 at 1:17 pm

With all the positives for using propane or natural gas, what’s a ball park cost in converting a 2009 Honda Accord to run on either or both fuels?

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