Propane Mustang

What would you say to a propane-powered Mustang?

How about whoa!

In one of the coolest displays of real-world hot-rodding on display at the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles 2008 conference, the crew at Santa Ana, CA-based IMPCO proudly displayed their one-off conversion for the 4.6 liter V-8 in their screaming red ‘Stang.

IMPCO’s propane pony car is duel-fuel, starting on gasoline and switching over to propane when the engine warms up, switching back to gasoline when necessary.

The conversion uses a sequential common rail vapor injection system along with a slave ECU that is transparent to the OEM ECU.

Propane-powered vehicles are enjoying a remarkable resurgence in select geographic areas. With natural gas selling for the equivalent of 63.8 cents per gallon in Utah, the state is seeing a rush of interest in conversions.

The best snow on earth and remarkably inexpensive fuel … that’s a tough combo to beat …

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  1. With all the positives for using propane or natural gas, what’s a ball park cost in converting a 2009 Honda Accord to run on either or both fuels?

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