Saturn SL Gas Mileage

Throughout its run, the Saturn SL’s gas mileage ratings put it at top of the shortlist for many budget-minded families. The SL’s highway estimates ranged from the mid-thirties up to the fourty mile per gallon (MPG) range. The SL sedans presented a bold statement that GM was capable of competing with the best in class from overseas.

For those looking for a fuel-efficient used car today, the Saturn SL sedan’s great gas mileage ratings present a compelling option.

1999 Saturn SL2

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Saturn SC Gas Mileage

Over the years, the Saturn SC’s excellent gas mileage ratings have made it a popular choice for commuters on a budget looking for a slightly sporty flair. With gas mileage ratings that rivaled some of the best from overseas, Saturn aimed to go toe-to-toe with the competition. Saturn achieved laudable gas mileage results by paying particular attention to vehicle weight, as evidenced by the (don’t call them plastic) “dent-resistant polymer body panels.”

2002 Saturn SC with body kit

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Hybrid Gas Mileage Ratings

While today’s hybrid gas mileage ratings may seem impressive when compared to the majority of conventional vehicles on the market, there’s still a long way to go. This unfulfilled dream is clearly evident when studying the historical chart of hybrid gas mileage. The earliest models of the Honda Insight set the bar remarkably high (regardless of the change in the EPA’s testing procedures implemented in 2007); so high that they remain to be equaled by a production vehicle today.

Viewing the statistics, it’s easy to understand how the Insight hybrid achieved those remarkable gas mileage results. Weighing in at under a ton, Honda’s little spaceship had a big head start, with a diminutive 1.0 liter three cylinder engine providing just enough oomph and efficiency to land the micro hybrid’s gas mileage in the stratosphere.

With the Insight put out to pasture after the 2006 model year, the Toyota Prius snatched the hybrid gas mileage crown, edging out the Honda Civic Hybrid.

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SUV Hybrids

Whether you need to haul people, pets, gear, or any combination of the three, SUV hybrids work hard to contain fuel costs, while providing more versatility than typical hybrid sedans.

Part and parcel to our role as the Internet’s leading independent authority on gas mileage, we’re committed to the task of documenting each and every hybrid SUV currently on the road by the end of 2008. As of August 2008, we’ve reviewed the following vehicles:

Each one of these SUV hybrids is an excellent vehicle in its own right. Each takes a different approach.

The Escape Hybrid is a more traditional SUV with the best overall mileage in its class, while the RX400h is a roomy and comfortable living room on wheels. These two play opposite ends of the utility and luxury scale.

The Vue Green Line has European roots and flair, with unique styling, segment-topping highway gas mileage, and a more car-like ride.

The roomy and versatile Toyota Highlander Hybrid delivers the best overall gas mileage for a seven passenger SUV.

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2008 Saturn Astra MPG Review

Saturn Astra MPG-o-Matic Saturn Astra Review Summary: Available in both three-door and five-door models, the Saturn Astra competes with the Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Rabbit, Toyota Yaris, Mazda3, and Volvo C30 among others in the red hot hatchback market.

Under the hood, the 2008 Astra is fitted with an Ecotec 1.8 liter four cylinder engine producing 138 horsepower and 125 foot pounds of torque. While European design details abound in the Astra, the power plant is decidedly domestic.

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