40 MPG Cars: 2001-2013

While fuel efficiency might seem like the latest craze, we’ve been tuned into it for years. 40 MPG cars are nothing new. Other sources may be content to simply throw up a photograph and a paragraph or two about any given economy car. We take the time to put hundreds and hundreds of miles on each and every odometer. We test for real-world fuel-efficiency with a light-footed driving style … because mileage matters.

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Through comprehensive testing, we’ve found that a number of cars are capable of exceeding their highway fuel efficiency ratings when driven conscientiously. Some cars rated in the high 30 MPG range can eclipse the 40 MPG mark. It’s all in the way you drive. Over the last few years, we’ve tested a range of 40 MPG (highway) cars, including:

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When Will We Get a Diesel MINI in the USA?

Why hasn’t MINI brought their fantastically fuel-efficient diesel-powered MINI D here to the States?

Diesel-powered MINI D at Red RocksIt’s largely a question of dollars and sense.

The current MINI D uses the 1.6-liter DLD-416 (DV6) I4 turbo-diesel engine. Versions of this engine can be found under the hood of various Citroëns, Fords, Mazdas, Peugeots, and Volvos. The engine is built through a partnership between Ford and Peugeot.

Quite simply, it’s not BMW/MINI’s engine and the investment in producing a 50-state certified version of the engine is not in the cards.

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Pontiac G8 GT vs BMW 335d

I was inspired to knock out a quick CNN iReport this morning, based on the recent developments in Washington. While this might not be what you expect, it goes right to the heart of the matter at GM. I recently had the chance to review a Pontiac G8 GT back-to-back with a BMW 335d. After evaluating each car for a week, I was impressed with both. For the folks that think that GM can’t build a car that’s competitive with the imports, I can only suggest that they take a G8 GT out for a test drive.

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2009 BMW 335d MPG Review

2009 BMW 335d MPG-o-Matic BMW 335d Review Summary: . The 2009 BMW 335d sets a new standard for performance-oriented sedans, by delivering a remarkable combination of fuel economy, acceleration, handling, and electronics.

The 2009 BMW 335d is like nothing else on the road in America today. While it looks, for all intents and purposes, like typical 3-series BMW, the 335d’s game-changing clean diesel engine transforms the car into a tour de force to be reckoned with.

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BMW 123d M Sport: Driven!

I spied the 123d M Sport the moment she emerged from the Rio Hotel’s parking garage. The 123d’s brilliant blue paint glittered as it rolled under the valet parking area’s overhang.

It was like no BMW I’d ever seen with my own eyes … the grille was unmistakable, but it was attached to body that could be mistaken for any one of a number of hatchbacks.

After the valet pulled the car around we chatted a bit as I loaded up my camera gear and fitted the rig. He was amazed that it was a diesel. And not just any diesel … likely the only BMW 123d M Sport prowling the streets of America.

A quick stop at the vending machine to pick up a bottle of iced tea (as a concession to the fact I was headed off into the Nevada desert) and I was soon settled behind the wheel … looking in vain for a cup holder. I found none.

“It’s the ultimate driving machine,” I heard a voice in my head say in an unmistakable accent. “Not a coffee shop.”

I tossed the bottle of iced tea onto the back seat, crept out of the Rio’s parking lot, and headed west on Flamingo.

In this first short video, I drop the hammer on the 123d … if you watch carefully, you’ll see me check the cheat card after letting off to see how many kilometers equal 60 miles per hour. d’oh!

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