Pontiac G8 GT vs BMW 335d

I was inspired to knock out a quick CNN iReport this morning, based on the recent developments in Washington. While this might not be what you expect, it goes right to the heart of the matter at GM. I recently had the chance to review a Pontiac G8 GT back-to-back with a BMW 335d. After evaluating each car for a week, I was impressed with both. For the folks that think that GM can’t build a car that’s competitive with the imports, I can only suggest that they take a G8 GT out for a test drive.

GM was clearly aiming at BMW when they engineered the G8 GT. While the Pontiac can’t match the BMW in terms of fit, finish, quality of interior materials, and in-car electronics, it’s a different story out on the open road and on the bottom line. Although the G8 GT might not be the ultimate driving machine, it does quite well … far better than most folks would ever expect.

Pontiac G8 GT 0-60 MPH

The biggest difference comes down to drive trains. Both cars rock advanced six-speed automatic transmissions, but the 335d’s clean diesel twin-turbo six pulls far ahead when it comes down to fuel economy. The G8 GT’s 361 HP 6.0-liter V8 delivers superior 0-60 MPH times (5.3 seconds vs 6.0 seconds), but the 335d delivers highway MPG numbers that are close to double that of the Pontiac (not to mention an amazing 425 foot pounds of torque).

BMW 335d 0-60 MPH

The G8 GT pulls ahead when it comes to the spaciousness of the interior and out-the-door cost. With the fire sale that’s going on at GM dealers right now, G8 GTs can be had for roughly half the price of the 335d.

Bottom line?

These are both great cars … but if we had our way, we’d love to shoehorn the Beemer’s big bad clean diesel under the hood of the G8 GT, just for hoots …

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2 thoughts on “Pontiac G8 GT vs BMW 335d”

  1. I just put my hands on a GM fleet 2009 GT with roughly 7000 miles. Was looking for one for months, and while at a dealership to finalize an order and trade in my CTS, bumped into the sleeper. Had a short test drive and was convinced with the Euro drive feeling. The G8 handles like a beefed up CTS, is more roomy and features all the amenities the CTS was giving me. Thanks for your review, it just confirmed spontaneous decisions can also be wise sometimes.

  2. I’ve had my G8-GT for just over a year…have about 25,000 miles on it…and love it! Performance is beyond outstanding. Ride, handling and creature comforts are amazingly good for a sport sedan in this price range. Fuel economy is plenty fine for a 361-horse power big block V-8; and the car’s electronics make it easy to stay on top of performance indicators and be entertained while I drive.

    I leased a BMW 650i for three months just before I boght the G8…at more than twice the price of the Pontiac, the BMW offered very little more than this G8 in terms of comfort, handling, performance and fit-finish-textures…certainly not enough to justify the price difference.

    I hope GM brings this car back under a new badge…every American should have the chance to own and drive a winner like this car.

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