How Much Do You Spend on Gas Each Month?

Do you keep track of much you spend on gasoline every month?

What would you do with a spare twenty, fifty, or hundred dollars?

Making some small changes can save a nice chunk of cash over time. The biggest change, of course, is switching from a gas sucking pig into something that’s more fuel efficient. But if you need to have a big truck or SUV, you need to have it. No arguments here. Everyone in America should have the choice of what they drive.

I’m not advocating that you drive like grandma, or that you drive something that’s slow as a slug or that looks like a piece of cheese. I’m just saying that you CAN save a buck by adding up some incremental changes. Every dollar that isn’t spent on gas is one that can be spent somewhere else.

It’s all about strategy and style …

  • If you’re not tracking your mileage and spending, use It’s free and you’ll see how your MPGs compare to other folks that are driving the same make and model vehicle that you’re driving.
  • We tend to spend most of our gas dollars on the daily commute, when roads are the busiest. The trick is to avoid stop and go traffic and congestion, whenever possible.
  • Scope out your alternate routes. Take a few moments to check Google Maps or Waze for traffic problems before you head out.
  • If your company has flex time, find the least congested times to travel. Leaving ten minutes earlier or later can make a world of difference.
  • Inadequate maintenance will lead to reduced efficiency. Keep your tires aired up, your wheels aligned, and your fuel system clean.
  • You can can add incremental efficiency with state-of-the-art components. Your vehicle may not have been equipped with synthetic fluids and low rolling resistance tires from the factory, but you can switch over at the appropriate maintenance intervals.
  • The first step in adopting a more efficient driving style is to turn on your car’s Instant MPG gauge … if it has one. This will provide you with real-time feedback and you’ll learn when you can save a few bucks by backing off on the gas pedal.
  • If your vehicle does not have an Instant MPG gauge, you can get an app for your phone or use a gauge – like the AutoMeter EcoMeter – that plugs into the OBDII port underneath the dashboard.

When it’s time to jump into a different vehicle, consider its fuel efficiency and how it will effect your finances. Be sure to check our MPGomatic reviews and lists to help find the most fuel efficient options that fit your needs …

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2 thoughts on “How Much Do You Spend on Gas Each Month?”

  1. Just wanted to share. The other day I drove to the airport to drop somebody off. We had plenty of time so I decided to see how good I could get my milage. Stock ’06 auto Civic with a scangaugeE tires aired up, just alined and tank filled. It is 33 miles from home to the airport. I drove just at the various speed limits, used cruze control and coasted to lights and stops where safe. No advanced techniques. 60.9mpg on the gauge and checked with same pump after trip 61.1mpg.

  2. I drive my kids to and from school every day as well as my wife uses the car to and from work daily. I spend no more than $300 a month.

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