Dodge Challenger SE Interior Review

While some folks may feel that the 2009 Dodge Challenger’s interior is too bland and too much like its Dodge stablemates, we beg to differ. The roomy and comfortable interior is spot on, and provides the perfect canvas for the aftermarket to embellish upon.

Our test unit was outfitted with the G package, which includes Sirius Satellite Radio (with one year of service), 18-inch aluminum wheels, traction control, 4-wheel disc brakes, fog lamps, and a leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob among other features. The Leather Interior Group includes heated seats.

The Dark Slate Gray interior provides killer contrast to the TorRed exterior paint. Both the interior and exterior drew raves … from the gas station attendant who exclaimed “this is the perfect color for this car,” to the guy who owned the ‘73 Challenger, back in the day, that was absolutely stunned by the interior.

The Sound Group option includes a 276-watt amp and six Boston Acoustics speakers. An audio input jack is located on the dash. There are two 12-volt outlets within the driver’s reach – one at the base of the dash and another inside the console.

Although the uconnect multimedia navigation system adds USB iPod integration and bluetooth, our Challenger was not equipped with it.

While the Challenger might not be as fast as the Camaro or as nimble as the Mustang, it holds one big advantage over its competitors in the pony car war … and that’s interior space. This is often overlooked.

No doubt about it, the Challenger is a big car. As opposed to the cramped quarters in the back seat of the Camaro and Mustang, the Challenger’s back seat is roomy and comfortable for folks of average size. Two folks will ride in comfort … three can fit in a pinch (as long as they’re not too big).

A remote trunk opener and 60/40 fold down rear seats make it easy to haul plenty of stuff, when you’re not hauling the family around.

Versatility isn’t an attribute that’s often pinned to sports and muscle cars, but it’s one that you can use to describe the Dodge Challenger SE. This is a pony car that you can drive every day of the week.

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4 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger SE Interior Review”

  1. I was all set to order a Camaro LT… That is until I was on vacation… and a Challenger SE was available…. After putting 930 miles on it, I was in LOVE…. Plenty of power, especially on the highway… Looks to die for, Constant comments, people honking, etc…. Super comfortable seats compared to the horrible seats in the Camaro…. You’d think GM would learn by now….. SO, that’s it….. CHALLENGER SE ALL THE WAY…….

  2. Are you kidding me? I’d agree that the interior space is useful and well thought out, but come on, that does not excuse the sea of plastic hell and poor craftsmanship inside. Bland is okay, as long as it is well made. But that is not the case with the Challenger. What’s up with that four-pronged steering wheel? Looks like a Dodge mini-van to me. Everything inside looks like ‘plastic toy’ or dollar store junk. The radio looks like it came from the 1980’s. All the switches and controls, the gauges, the shift gate, the center console – all poorly executed waste. Too bad Chrysler couldn’t make the inside as nice as the outside.

  3. @JF – I’d reckon that the quality of the Challenger’s interior materials and design will rise significantly now that Chrysler is out of the clutches of Cerebus …

  4. @mpg-o-editor – That would be fantastic. I’ve seen some spy shots of the new interior for the 2011 model SRT8, and they managed to fix the steering wheel, but I still see lots carry-over parts. They cladded the gauge cluster with a plastic fascia which is the wrong choice in my opinion. Functional, clean lines, heirloom quality gauges, with high-quality materials is the way to go. They need to do an homage of the interior of the VW GTI to really make a statement.

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