Insight on the 81.5 MPG Ford Fusion Hybrid

So what’s it like to drive the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid that set the remarkable record of 1445.7 miles on one tank of gas?

Eric Trytko can tell you first hand. He had the opportunity to spend time with Wayne Gerdes, pilot a Fusion Hybrid on one of the two Washington DC-area routes that the record setting team followed, and drive one of the Fusion Hybrid media cars back to Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

The experience (and all that time behind the wheel) provided Eric with some interesting insight on the Fusion Hybrid and how it operates in the real world. While he wasn’t able to come anywhere close to the 81.5 mile per gallon (MPG) mark on his one attempt on the event route, Eric was able to easily break the 50 MPG mark. Eric’s real world highway mileage results on the drive back to Michigan provide tangible proof of the Fusion Hybrid’s fuel efficiency while at speed.

In his Ford Fusion Hybrid review, Eric gets down to the details on the car’s interior and delivers unbiased driving impressions. If you’re thinking about buying a new fuel efficient four door sedan, this is a must read.

We’re hoping to put a 2010 Fusion Hybrid to a week long test drive at some point this summer …

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