2007 Audi A6 TDI Diesel MPG Review

MPG-o-Matic Review Summary: Every once in a while, a car rolls into the driveway that proves just how good things can be … the Audi A6 Quattro TDI is one of those cars. Unfortunately, the A6 TDI isn’t for sale in America, just yet …

Under the hood, the Euro-spec 2007 Audi A6 TDI is fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 direct injection clean diesel engine, producing 233 horsepower (HP) and 332 foot pounds of torque.

When you get down to it, that’s about as much power as you’ll ever need. Due to the constraints of the American highway system, we only had the chance to flirt with but half of the A6’s TDI’s rated top speed of 153 miles per hour.

The A6 TDI is a substantial car, weighing in at just under 3900 lbs. The adjustable suspension, Quattro all-wheel-drive, torque-filled V6 diesel, and nearly two tons of heft deliver a locomotive-like feeling.

The S-Line trim provides an understated elegance, with perhaps the most comfortable and supportive adjustable heated seats I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. After nearly two hundred miles in the saddle one evening, my aching back actually felt better after I got out of the car.

Our brief two-day road test reaffirmed the official fuel economy ratings of 23.5 city / 46.3 highway / 34 combined, as we averaged 33.1 miles per gallon (MPG) combined … and I’ll admit … I had my foot in it, more then a bit.

These figures represent a roughly 30% fuel-efficiency advantage over the equivalent gasoline-powered A6, along with a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

The diesel V6 delivers smooth and effortless acceleration up to highway speeds, with a stated 0-62 time of 7.1 seconds. Once on the highway, it happily loafs along.

The A6 TDI absolutely devours the open road. With a generous fuel capacity of 21 gallons, the car was engineered to maximize the time between fill-ups.

This is a refined driver’s car. Adaptive air suspension let the driver dial in the ride, selecting comfort, automatic, or dynamic suspension settings. Paddle shifters allow for full control over the 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, for a heightened level of involvement.

Doing what I do, folks often ask, “so you drive a lot of cars … what’s your favorite?”

While it’s been impossible to pick just one, so far, the Audi A6 TDI sits among the few at the top of the heap. It’s rare that I get to drive a car that imparts such a substantial, yet sporting feel. Were I of the means to consider a luxury diesel sedan, the Audi A6 TDI would surely be on my short list.

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3 thoughts on “2007 Audi A6 TDI Diesel MPG Review”

  1. I have watched your videos on the Audi A6 TDI several times. I am, shall we say, more than intrigued about the car especialy if were an Avant model.

    How did you import this car? I currently have a 1999 A6 Avant and really like it.
    I have called Audi USA as well as my local dealers and i get the same response, NO you can NOT order a new Audi A6 Avant with 3.0 TDI or any other TDI.

    I am going to retire in several months and really believe this is the cat’s meow.
    Help please, at 63 years I am not getting any younger.

  2. @Gary – the A6 reviewed was a Euro-spec model, as supplied by Bosch, and was part of their US-based test fleet.

    No word on if or when we might see an A6 TDI on these shores, but stay tuned … it sounds like the A4 might be the next US-spec Audi TDI …

  3. I was in Germany last week and was fortunate enough to rent an A6 TDI wagon from Hertz. Not only can I attest to the great mileage, and excellent acceleration; but it was also incredibly quiet – even at 160 km/hr – got to get me one of these!

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