2008 Ford Edge MPG Review

The Ford Edge is a five-seat SUV that competes with the Honda CR-V, Nissan Murano, Saturn Vue, Toyota Highlander, and Toyota RAV4 among others in the popular crossover SUV market.

Under the hood, the 2008 Edge is fitted with a 3.5 liter V6 producing a generous 265 horsepower and 250 foot pounds of torque.

Comfort and convenience abound in the Edge. The optional leather-wrapped reclining rear seats are remarkably comfortable with an abundance of space. The big guy won’t mind riding in the back seat of the Edge … he just might prefer it.

The optional two-section panoramic vista roof spans 40 percent of the roof area, creating an open-air experience … even when the front section of the roof is closed.

The Edge is all about moving people AND stuff.

The optional power liftgate eases loading chores, along with the push-button EasyFold rear seats. (While the rear seats fold down with just the push of a button, they do need to be raised by hand.)

The EPA gas mileage estimates for the 2008 Ford Edge are 15 city / 22 highway miles per gallon (MPG) when equipped with all wheel drive (AWD).

Over a week of driving, we were able to easily exceed the highway estimate, achieving 27.1 MPG on the highway. In combined testing, the Edge came in at 18.3, as we succumbed to the siren call of the sweet V6.

If you have the discipline to keep your foot out of it, you’ll be rewarded with better mileage.

If there’s one thing that sells the Edge over its competition, it’s the Microsoft Sync audio system. Admittedly, the voice controls took some getting used to, but we soon came to love the Sync.

When outfitted with the optional navigation system, Microsoft Sync offers unparalleled access to all the audio files on your iPod through both the touch-screen LCD and voice commands.

All-in-all we like the Ford Edge, but there’s one thing that puzzled us.

Although Ford provides an average fuel economy display on the Edge’s dashboard, it seems that they forgot to include a real-time mile per gallon function. Adding the code to the software shouldn’t take a great amount of effort, but it could save a significant amount of gasoline over the course of ownership. Here’s hoping that a real-time fuel economy display is included with the 2009 Edge.

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