2008 Honda CR-V MPG Review

Honda CR-V MPG-o-Matic Honda CR-V Review Summary: The CR-V is a best-seller in the crowded five-passenger SUV market, competing against a slew of competitors including the Toyota RAV4, Ford Edge and Escape.

Now in its third generation, the CR-V has come a long way from its humble and boxy roots. The styling is sleek and rounded, while the ride and handling are decidedly car-like. With a 166 horsepower i-VTEC four-cylinder and 5 speed automatic, the CR-V never feels underpowered.

The EPA’s gas mileage estimates for the AWD CR-V are 20 city / 26 highway miles per gallon (MPG). Those numbers appear to be fairly accurate. While some readers have experienced lower MPG results, in a week of testing, we averaged 24.5 miles per gallon combined.

Our test CR-V was a well-appointed AWD EX-L model with navigation and some really nice features.

Lets take a look inside the cabin …

The EX-L model includes leather-trimmed upholstery throughout. The power controls on the driver’s seat include lumbar support … a most welcome feature on those long drives.

Out in back of the cabin, you’ll find plenty of room to haul your stuff, with the rear shelf removed and the 60/40 split rear seats tumbled forward.

Up front, the console hides one of our favorite features – the auxiliary audio port – along with one of three power outlets. The second power outlet is located under the shifter, while the third can be found in back by the lift gate.

The audio system features integrated XM satellite radio, MP3 and WMA playback, seven speakers, a subwoofer, voice control, and a very cool flip front LCD that conceals the PC card and CD slots … just don’t use it as a shelf for your cup of coffee …

Among other creature comforts, the CR-V EX-L includes front heated seats and duel front ventilation controls to help quell family unrest.

Here at MPGomatic.com, we pay special attention to nearly anything related to fuel efficiency.

The CR-V provides some excellent tools to keep an eye on how much gas you’re using. The digital gauges show a real-time mile per gallon average, along with an estimated range to avoid running the tank dry.

You’ll do well to use the MPG monitor at the top of the readout to achieve the best possible mileage.

But truth be told, it can be tough keeping your foot out of the CR-V’s accelerator, as the i-VTEC engine delivers plenty of punch.

All-in-all, it’s easy to see why the CR-V sells so well … it’s a fine little SUV.

While the current mileage falls short of the hybrid competition, the upcoming diesel CR-V is poised to set a new standard.

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6 thoughts on “2008 Honda CR-V MPG Review”

  1. There are only two things that I would like to see changed. Two more inches of driver’s seat moving range to provide more leg room for the taller drivers. The speedometer layout does not need to go to 140 mph. The layout of the speedometer would be easier on the eyes if it showed larger increments. Its fine if you are travelling at 10, 20, 30 mph and so on. Travelling at 15, 25, 35 mph is a bit of a eye strain because of the way speedometer is incremented. That said, I think Honda made a good product.

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  3. I have had my 2008 CRV since Dec. 2007 and I love it. The only thing that I would change is that a light is needed where the vanity mirror is. I drive it every day and love the handle of it. I leased the very first CRV but did not like the boxy feel. It did not handle very well around curves. The 2008 handles more like a car which is great. So far all my cars have been by Honda and I have never been disappointed.

  4. I have a 2001 CRV & I only get 13-17 in the City. now I do get 24-27 on the highway. But this was to do better than my 91 prelude and it is not even close. Very disapointing.

  5. This green Honda is my second . The first was 2001. the 2001 is still going .I gave it to my son. Never needed work. My 2008 never been in the shop. We only needed tires and battery, the dealership changes oil and checks it out for a small fee. The finish looks just like new. Wished it got better gas mileage. Usually gets between22 and 24 miles on tank gas. Love my car.

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