Chevy Volt – 2008 NY Auto Show

At MPGomatic, we take a different tack when it comes to covering industry events like the big trade shows. At the huge venues the press are often herded around like a flock of hungry … well … reporters. (If there’s a conference around lunchtime, you’ll find the herd at the feed trough.) Rather than succumb to the thunder of the big press conference reveals, we like to take the opportunity to crawl over the cars at the other (empty) end of the hall and talk to the manufacturers one-on-one.

It was late on the second press day before we had the chance to stop in and get a good look at the Chevrolet Volt. By that time of the afternoon, most of the manufacturers reps had packed it up for the day. As we started filming the Chevy Volt, we had the good fortune to catch up with Chevy’s Scott Settlemire …

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  1. Chevy Volt would make up for GM recalling the EV-1 line without any other options for over a decade. What about the Li-Ion battery’s like the Tesla has?

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