Jeep Renegade Concept – NY Auto Show

The Jeep Renegade Concept is a flashback and a flash forward. There’s no mistaking the visual cues … this little lime green beauty hearkens back to the legendary Meyers Manx dune buggy of the 1960s. But this is no air-cooled kit car dropped on a bug’s frame … it’s a rock ’em, sock ’em Bluetec diesel electric hybrid … with a bold target of 110 miles per gallon (MPG).

The tiny Bluetec diesel engine does not propel the car. It’s merely a generator that recharges the Lithium-Ion batteries (a la the Chevy Volt). The Renegade concept’s battery pack has a 40 mile range.

Who could resist a 110 MPG Hot Wheels car sprung to life, complete with a pair of scuba diver propulsion devices on the rear deck lid and a hose-out interior?

The Renegade Concept isn’t just the perfect beach house accessory … it could fill a very cool niche for beach patrols looking for a maneuverable, economical and green solution to lessen the dependence on gas-hungry SUVs and pickup trucks.

Here’s hoping that Jeep gives their little green gem the green light for production …

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