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CarConnection’s let it slip that Ford is about to bring its Transit Connect van here to the States. CC’s blog states that the Transit Connect will be “will be pitched as an alternative to the Dodge Sprinter.” Half a Dodge Sprinter, more like it. The Transit Connection might be angular and relatively tall, but it’s small when compared to the hulking Sprinter …

Ford Transit Connect Sport Concept

The short wheelbase Transit Connect measures 4308 mm (169.6 inches) in length and 1814 mm (71.4 inches) in height, while the long wheel base model measures 4555 (179.3 inches) in length and 1981 (78 inches) in height.

By comparison, the short wheel base (144-inch) Dodge Sprinter 2500 cargo van measures 232.5 in length, with a height of 96.3 (standard roof) or 107.5 inches (high roof). The long wheel base (170-inch) Sprinter measures 273.2 inches in length and 107.5 inches in height.

Transit Connect is more likely to find competition from the retro-styled Chevy HHR Panel, at 176.2 inches in length and 62.5 inches in height. Or perhaps for those hipster business that have outgrown their Scion xB.

While the Transit Connect is fitted with a 1.8 liter Duratorq TDCI common rail turbo-diesel in Europe (in one of three configurations), it’s unlikely that we’ll see an oil-burning Transit Connect here in the States, given Ford’s brave new direction with direct injection.

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  1. Given the dimensions if the interior 143 cu.ft 61/2 length by 49″ between the wheel wells and it’s FWD 4-cylinder chassis, does not impress me enough to replace my 109″ WB Dodge 1500 Ram Van (has same interior capacity and dimensions as the transit). As usual Ford leaves a more sellable full size Transit van in Europe while we get a light (4900 gvw, the short Dodge van is 6600gvw). Front wheel drive commercial vans just don’t work that well (as we already have had from Dodge’s caravan and Utilimaster’s dodge 6-cylinder Aeromate) If Ford wants to improve its sales give us the real European Transit with diesel power and sell it for under $19K (way cheaper than the overpriced Sprinter) they won’t be able to build them fast enough. As for the Transit Connect; like most recent Fords will sell strong the first year then quickly fall off to nothing.

  2. Why not Diesel Electric? Used in Trains by GE for years.
    Clean Diesel is here why not use it. Could be 35-40 MPG!

  3. The SWB model at 6′-2″ height will have no trouble with multi-storey parking garages, but the LWB at over 6′-6″ will have parking problems. The local Ford dealer says that only the LWB Connect will be sold in Canada. It doesn’t matter whether it’s diesel or not (we like gas powered vans for the convenience, especially in winter) but the height may be a deal-breaker.

  4. My ultimate vehicle is a Diesel/electric, manual transmission, 4X4, Window van Transit connect with no carpeting. When are the US dealers/manufacturers going to get it! It is near impossible to find an economical, practical and greener workhorse. I am sick of truck manufacturers that seem to have forgotten there are those of us out there that need a safe reliable truck in order to make a living and instead they cater to all the “soccer moms”… Who needs an escalade? I want a truck!!!

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