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2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Bluetec Review

MPG-o-Matic 2011 Mercedes Benz E350 BLUETEC Review Summary: The 2011 Mercedes Benz E350 BLUETEC is unique among five-passenger luxury sedans, delivering an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency, European design, luxury, and endless torque. While smaller hybrids may best it for mileage in the city, the E350 BLUETEC was born to cruise the open road at speed in comfort, safety, and style.

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2010 Mercedes-Benz GL350 BlueTec Review

MPG-o-Matic 2010 Mercedes-Benz GL350 BlueTEC Review Summary: The 2010 Mercedes-Benz GL350 BlueTEC is one of the most fuel-efficient seven-passenger luxury SUVs on the road today. From the calm and comfort within the GL350’s well-crafted cabin, one can only wonder why so many manufacturers have been slow to embrace clean diesel as the ideal solution for premium vehicles.

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Driving Clean Diesels in Las Vegas

Alternative Fuels and Vehicles 2008 conference attendees were in for a rare treat at the Bosch sponsored a clean diesel ride-n-drive event on Monday evening, May 12th.

After opening remarks from diesel hot rodding legend Gale Banks, attention turned to the race course laid out though the parking lots of the Rio Hotel and a generous selection of Euro-diesel gems from Bosch’s fleet.

Attendees were treated to some of the finest examples of diesel engineering currently prowling the streets of Europe, including a Honda Accord i-CDTi and i-CDTi CR-V, Chrysler 300, BMW 535d M Sport, Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel, and a Mercedes-Benz E320.

Two of the newest and smallest additions to Bosch’s fleet proved to be the hits of the evening, with the MINI Cooper D and BMW 123d M Sport hot hatchbacks especially well suited to the tight curves of the Rio track.

For those that had never driven a modern clean diesel vehicle, the event was an eye opener, with each vehicle delivering exceptional performance and economy in their respective classes.

For attendees that missed the event … there’s always next year …

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Talking Diesel With Chris Pirillo

I hounded my friend Chris Pirillo while he was on the air last week until he picked up my call. My persistence was worth it, as the controversy over my article on Chrysler’s 35 MPG diesels created quite a stir in the chat room. Chris posted a video of the segment on YouTube, for all to enjoy.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee If you want to buy a new diesel-powered 2008 SUV, you can choose from just three manufacturers in the USA: Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, or Jeep.

Make that three manufacturers and two engines …

While it may be news to many folks, Jeep began offering a Mercedes-Benz diesel option in the Grand Cherokee back in 2007. The combination of a Jeep soul with a Mercedes heart is tough to beat.

The 3.0 liter Mercedes-Benz common rail diesel (CRD) is well-suited to the Grand Cherokee, producing 215 horsepower and a very healthy 376 foot pounds of torque. The torque figures put the diesel on a par with the 4.7 liter V-8 (305 HP and 334 foot pounds of torque) and 5.7 liter HEMI V-8 (330 HP and 375 foot pounds of torque). It’s an even match up when it come to grunt, but when it comes to fuel efficiency, the 3.0 liter CRD shines.
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