Tesla Model 3 Preorder Phenomena – A Week of Livestreams

This past week marked a tipping point in automotive history. According to media reports, Tesla Motors has rolled up over 325,000 “preorders” for the Model 3 Sedan, the company’s least expensive vehicle to date. There’s never been anything quite like it. This is an unprecedented validation that the world is eager for an electrified sedan with 200+ miles of range. It was a brilliantly executed Kickstart that saw the first hundred thousand customers plunk down their $1,000 refundable deposits without ever seeing the car.

As the week progressed, I thought it would be interesting to run a livestream on YouTube to gauge the MPGomatic community’s reaction. I vlogged every day for five days straight, on a variety of topics. The most popular being the second installment, Tesla Model 3: Does the Chevy Bolt Have a Huge Advantage?

The third installment, Tesla Model 3: How Many Preorders were Bought by Flippers looked at the possibilities of speculation among early buyers.

The fourth installment, Tesla Model 3: Reliability and Resale took a look at the quality issues that have plagued the Tesla Model S and dove into the topic of depreciation and resale values.

The fifth installment, Tesla Model 3: Lease a Chevrolet Volt While You Wait for your Model 3 focused on the delay between this week’s preorder event and the earliest possible shipping date, which is not expected until late next year (2017) at the very earliest.

It all started with episode 1 …

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2 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 Preorder Phenomena – A Week of Livestreams”

  1. Very Exciting! There is a Tesla Dealership down the street from me and every few weeks I drive by just to feel reconnected with all of the excitement. It’s so great to see this ocmpany making headway and bringing more affordable products with the same high quality standards to the market. Have you seen the Tesla Battery???

  2. I’m excited for the Tesla Model 3 … I think it will be an automobile that changes the transport and energy industries forever…

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