Honda Civic HX – MPG Project Slambo Preview

Last spring, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to get a new video series off the ground. Ain’t Fuelin’ is a show unlike any other. At its core, it asks a simple question: is it possible to increase the fuel efficiency of an older vehicle and to what degree? But it wraps that question in a bigger idea, specifically: can you bring new life to old paint by infusing high tech on a low budget? Ain’t Fuelin’ draws inspiration from a host of big time shows that paved the way, from Overhaulin’ and Mythbusters to Pimp My Ride and Top Gear.

It’s been a long time coming …

Preproduction and testing started last summer, with a 2009 Sonata that was kindly provided by Hyundai. Project SLAMBO is our first full-scale project car: a 1999 Honda Civic HX Coupe, to this day, one of the most fuel efficient Hondas ever sold in America.

Ain’t Fuelin’s goals are multi-faceted. We want to help folks save money on fuel every week, so they can get through their week. Every dollar spent on gasoline is a dollar that could be spent on something else. We want to eliminate our nation’s continued dependence on oil imports. Money spent here in America creates jobs and helps stimulate our economy. We want to pass the torch by encouraging folks to learn how to drive cars with manual transmissions and enjoy the awesome hobby of hopping up cars. It’s time to put the phone down and drive.

I learned early on that you can’t get there by yourself and that the company that you keep is key.

This endeavor has been crowd-sourced and self-funded. There are no cable channels involved, nor has YouTube provided any backing. Sponsors to this point include, Valvoline, AutoMeter and RedKap. We are being very selective as to whose stickers are slapped on the flanks of our project vehicles.

Ain’t Fuelin’ has consumed my thoughts for the past couple of years and I’m finally able to put the ideas to the pavement and into video form. I want to thank everyone that’s stuck with me over the years. It takes a lot of perseverance and a little crazy to get things done. In 2014, we deliver on the promise.

Stay Tuned!

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