2014 BMW 328d Sport Wagon xDrive AWD Diesel Review

MPG-o-Matic 2014 BMW 328d Sport Wagon xDrive Review Summary: The BMW 328d xDrive isn’t just the most fuel efficient all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle sold in America today, it’s a marvelously fun to drive alternative to the gas-sucking SUV. We found the 328d’s official fuel economy ratings (31/43/35) to be conservative and easily achieved highway figures in the 50 mile per gallon (MPG) range.

What if an automaker rolled out the most fuel-efficient AWD on the market but held off on the fanfare? What if that highly capable all-season machine rode on rails and was capable of sub-eight-second 0-60 MPH runs? What if the interior was packed with a slew of tech features, top-shelf design, and high-quality materials?

Nevermind the What Ifs. The BMW 328d xDrive burns rubber, not gasoline.

This is what the clean diesel revolution is all about.

The 328d’s 2.0-liter twin power four cylinder turbodiesel cranks out 180 horsepower and 280 pound feet of torque. While those numbers might not seem huge, they provide a winning balance of performance and efficiency.

I spent a blissful week with the 328d, rolling up over five hundred miles on one tank, with a gallon to spare. The official ratings are 31 miles per gallon city / 43 highway / 35 combined. My overall average was over 36 MPG – not too bad for a tester with less than two thousand miles on the odometer – and let it suffice to say, that I did apply judicious amounts of accelerator pedal on numerous occasions.

The 328d’s Efficient Dynamics coaching system encourages the preservation of momentum and helps you squeeze out amazing numbers. I flirted with 50 MPG on two extended highway segments. The 328d glides like a champ, with the engine dropping down to near idle speed when you lightfoot at speed.

The fuel tank provides 15 gallons of capacity for an astronomical amount of range. Efficient Dynamics technology includes stop/start, regen brakes, and a splendid ZF 8-speed adaptive transmission with paddle shifters.

While the 328d is not available with a manual transmission, you do have your choice of sedan or sport wagon.

2014 BMW 328d Sport Wagon xDrive

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NOTE: MPGomatic produced this video review for Autobytel.

6 thoughts on “2014 BMW 328d Sport Wagon xDrive AWD Diesel Review”

  1. I would love to see what mileage you can get from the new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid – the one which has no traditional transmission.

    Some drivers can get 80+ MPG on it easily.

  2. @James – I’ve heard great things about the new Accord Hybrid, as well. Just got one on the schedule! Stay tuned …

  3. Certainly sounds like a winner. I would like to see a 50K breakdown figure wise compare to the gas model. Initial price, Diesel fuel cost, Maintenance cost, Diesel fluid cost, insurance, etc. This would give a true cost to own over 50K, where the rubber meets the road………G

  4. OK I really wanted on of these or one similar from audi, MB or volvo… or subaru. I already own an volvo V70R AWD 6speed manual (~ 300hp bone stock) that gets 22mph no matter how hard I beat on it. I am *always* wondering if I can ever get a similar awd ride with the same juice and maybe more off-road grunt, but better MPG.

    So @ 22MPG and 20K miles driven per year and gas prices at $4.50 per gallon (SF BAY), I’ve been spending about $4K annually on petrol. Now even at 2X the gas mileage I’ll only save about 2,000 USD per year (so in 20 yrs I’ll break even?)

    This 50K bimmer can embrace it’s fake green mediocrity all by it’s lonesome. WTF was I thinkin!

  5. Everyone has to do the math for themselves, JC. Once you try driving a modern turbodiesel you may think differently… 🙂

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