Ain’t Fuelin’ Hangout with EricTheCarGuy

In the first of a series of hangouts we have planned to support our new video series, Ain’t Fuelin’, I chat with special guest Eric Cook, a.k.a. EricTheCarGuy on YouTube. Eric and I run long on a bunch of fuel economy and car maintenance, including: is it worth it to have an engine rebuilt on a car with 200K on the clock and is there a market in refurbishing older fuel efficient cars, like the Honda Civic and Volkswagen TDIs?

We recorded this Google Hangout on Air as I was getting ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign for the new video series. I found an excellent candidate for the show’s first build last week and shared the news and a bunch of photographs over the weekend. I’ve turned up a bunch of Honda Civic HXs over the past couple of months and thought I found the ideal mule for just $1300 (the body was a bit rough), but that one slipped away before I could check it out. The car I have my eye on currently is considerably more expensive. If the Kickstarter campaign does well, it shouldn’t be a problem.

225K is a lot of miles, by any account. But this particular car is clean. While it’s not pristine, it shows little evidence of being monkeyed with outside of a handful of stickers. The biggest question is whether it still has the correct engine, as swaps are extremely common with these cars.

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  1. That’s a great idea, Dan. I look forward to seeing your results. I have an old Honda Civic with 275,000 miles on the odometer. Maybe I can apply some of your ideas if they are not too expensive. Good luck.

  2. i dont know where to say this, but at 150 or 175% zoom level on IE (where i usually am), the social networking cions on the left are in the body fo the articles. making it impossable to read them. THought ud like to know.

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