Yep. It’s About Gas Mileage …

When I launched the website back in 2007 and the MPGomatic YouTube channel the following year, my friends asked me, “why put in all that time on the topic of gas mileage? Do people really care about it that much?” As time went by, and the price of gasoline rose, they nodded their heads and said, “hey, maybe you’re right, after all.” When the price of gas dropped, they became skeptical again. But with the petroleum markets being the roller coaster that they are, it was only a matter of time until prices climbed the next hill. Rest assured, conventional petroleum will never be inexpensive again. The coaster may rise and fall, but the overall trend is up up up … with worldwide demand set to increase by staggering proportions.

With 2012 drawing to a close, I decided to fire up the webcam to share a few stories and to ask where we should go with our coverage in 2013. Gas mileage and alternative fuels have been our primary focus from the start. I’m looking to shake things up a bit.

I have a slew of ideas for new articles and video segments, but it’ll take some doing to make it happen. What do you want to see us cover in the new year?

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  1. Great video, Thanks for your constant efforts. As far as the future for fuels, I feel we need to evaluate anything and everything and keep an completely open mind. We need to look for fuels obtained from non-typical sources and use our natural resources to create a “Max Green” product. Until then we need to redesign fossil fuel vehicles to extract every bit of MPG from each tank of fuel. I feel we have only scratched the surface in this regard. The entire vehicle must be looked in this continued effort.

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