Gas Mileage: First and Foremost

MPGomatic produces car review videos with a focus on fuel-efficiency, in-cabin technology, and drivability along with reports on motorsports and alternative fuels. Our goal is to help eliminate our Nation’s reliance on imported petroleum, while spurring the production of domestic renewable fuels.

Car-after-car, we demonstrate that not only is it possible to meet the official EPA fuel economy estimates, but that these numbers can be exceeded – often by a significant margin – simply by driving conscientiously.

Hyundai Veloster Eco Driving Information Display

Gas mileage matters at MPGomatic, first and foremost. Our auto reviews are unique, as we highlight the tools present in most modern vehicles that make fuel-efficient driving a cinch. Many of our peers ignore today’s economic and market realities. They beat the daylights out of their manufacturer-supplied media loaner cars, then complain that they failed to hit the numbers.

This review is awesome… Now anyone can easily understand how an hybrid works and how easy it is to drive one… Nobody else had the idea to do a road test like this before and I applause your imagination, your efforts, and your hard work you do in all your reviews… Driving efficient is gonna be part of our future soon, better get prepared now…

Fuel economy is the most important factor in the purchase of a new vehicle for most people. It is the driver’s responsibility to drive responsibly. The manner in which you drive a vehicle has huge bearing upon its gas mileage.

We love cars, but see the bigger picture.

Big Oil has held an effective monopoly on transportation fuels in America for more than a century. The Petroleum lobby controls our nation’s domestic and international policies. Our massive military expenditures are necessary to maintain the flow of oil.

There’s a better way.

Domestic energy independence brought about by the evolution to a fuel-efficient fleet along with the localized production of renewable energy will create jobs coast-to-coast and rejuvenate the economy.

We seek to inform and entertain, with an unbiased and objective editorial focus. We avoid press release regurgitation, for the most part, silencing the parrot in favor of the owl.

Great channel! giving advice about REAL cars, unlike most channels which just do super cars that we’ll never be able to afford.
– pathongofaustralia

Our community has grown organically. We’ve attracted a crowd that’s willing to look past the hype and into today’s reality. We put our efforts into providing information on real-world solutions.

There are some websites that tackle the topic of gas (and fuel) mileage well – with EcoModder, CleanMPG, TDIClub, and Fuelly at the top of the list – and some that pretend to cover it. Those that do it well do the real work. Those that do not, rely on trickery.

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2 thoughts on “Gas Mileage: First and Foremost”

  1. I really appreciate your site. The EPA numbers are artificially derived. I consider them a good starting point to compare various cars. I always look for real-world numbers, especially highway, since that is where I spend the majority of my time. By driving conservatively (but not hypermiling), I have been able to exceed the EPA highway number by 4.1 MPG on my Prius C over the course of 25 tanks.

  2. Yes, it is the sole responsibility of the driver to help the car deliver its best MPG. The manner in which your car is driven has a bearing on whether or not you exceed the EPA numbers.

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