MPGomatic’s Gas Mileage Guide

Looking to squeak more MPGs out of your car, truck, or SUV? Have you read our Roadmap to Better Gas Mileage yet? It’s a quick and easy read, filled with real world tips and tactics that can help you improve your fuel efficiency without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on a new car or radically changing your driving habits. Once you’ve absorbed the information in our Gas Mileage Guide, you’ll be on track to shave hundreds of dollars off your yearly fuel bill. The MPGomatic Gas Mileage Guide has always been available instantly and free of charge. Just fill out the form and you’ll receive directions on how to download the ebook.'s Roadmap to Better Mileage

When you have time to sit back and watch some fun and informational videos, check out our “Get Better Gas Mileage” series on YouTube. We’ve been adding these MPG-boosting videos with more frequency lately and plan to add more in the coming months. They’re uncomplicated and easy to consume.

So why do we do this?

We launched MPGomatic back in 2007 with a lofty goal: to help end America’s dependence on imported petroleum. Things have changed a bit over the years, no doubt about that, but our mission remains the same. We want to enable you to become a more fuel efficient driver, so that you get more out of every dollar you earn. We want you to be able to do more of what you really want (and need!) to do, while spending less on gasoline each week. It’s that simple. Big Oil does not deserve any more of your hard earned cash.

To be certain, there have been no corporate dollars backing this endeavor. In fact, there are a good number of companies that wish we would just pack it up and go away. But that’s not happening.

We’re in this for the long haul.

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