Gas Mileage Testing Service for Honda Civic Hybrids and Other Vehicles

With all the controversy surrounding the recent Honda Civic Hybrid lawsuit reportedly won by Heather Peters, one thing remains clear: the need for an independent gas mileage testing service. While this landmark case may change the game for Class-Action and Small Claims Court, there is a pressing need for third-party verification.

Before a suit is filed, a Honda Civic Hybrid owner should know whether there is an actual fault in their vehicle or if the deficient fuel-efficiency is caused by driving habits. In order to do this, the vehicle should be run through a specific, regimented test routine that includes:

  • City gas mileage testing
  • Highway gas mileage testing
  • Mechanical system checks
  • Onboard computer system scan

MPGomatic proposes to offer those services with a full-day of real-world testing for a nominal fee. To establish the practice, we will offer an introductory price of $49 + the cost of fuel for a limited time.

There are a number of contributing factors that can cause a Honda Civic Hybrid to fail to achieve its official EPA estimates. In Peters’ case, with a 2006 model, the composition of fuel may be suspect, with ethanol content a possible culprit.

When MPGomatic tested the 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid, we found it to exceed the EPA rating. It’s important to note that the EPA retroactively lowered their estimates on all vehicles across the board in 2008.

To schedule testing, please contact us via the form below. Please note that we are located in Central New Jersey and can only accommodate vehicles that can be dropped off for a full day of testing.


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  1. Many people don’t even take the time to calculate the actual gas mileage that they are getting. Often, they’d be surprised. Knowing that information can really help you plan ahead.

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