Is the Manual Transmission Staging a Comeback?

While the manual transmission was written off for dead just a few years ago, the good old stick shift just might be staging a comeback. With a new wave of fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive cars, manual transmission are riding back into spotlight.

What’s old is new.

From high-end Aston Martins and Lamborghinis, to the reborn retro muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challenger, enthusiasts prefer to shift for themselves. But the resurgence of the manual is not just about the go-fast crowd.

Put away those dusty recollections of banging that nasty column-mounted shifter. There’s little chance of ever seeing “three on the tree” again. With standout fuel-sippers like the Chevy Cruze Eco, Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500, today’s five- and six-speed manual transmissions are easier to master then ever and optimized for fuel-efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to shave a tenth off your quarter-mile elapsed time or trim a few bucks off your weekly fuel costs, you’ll want to check out our list of 2011 cars with manual transmissions.

It’s time to burn rubber, not gasoline …

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3 thoughts on “Is the Manual Transmission Staging a Comeback?”

  1. Here in Europe most cars have manual transmission.If you get used to it,it becomes very easy,you do it like you are riding a bike,no thinking at all

  2. Both the cars that I do most of my driving in have manuals, and It is not trouble at all. The only thing that I have trouble with is that one of my cars is and 82 model and the parking brake doesn’t work! When I get a new car it will either be a Chevy Cruze Eco manual, or a VW Golf/GTI manual.

  3. I’ve always been a Manual trans enthusiast and really enjoy the increased driving satisfaction. That said, I’ve had a tough time selling and getting anywhere close to book price with my manual trans equipped vehicles in the past. If you trade a lot, this can get expensive although it’s really not a factor if you drive your vehicles forever.

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