Audi A4 Bluetooth Pairing

Kudos to Audi for implementing a fantastically easy Bluetooth pairing process in their optional MMI interface. I was knocked flat when I saw how easy it was to pair my iPhone with the 2009 Audi A4’s Bluetooth system.

It’s as easy as turning on the ignition, punching up the iPhone’s settings and turning on Bluetooth. The iPhone will instantly see the Audi system. Enter a passcode of your choosing and you’re paired and off to the races.

The Audi system pulls phone book and call log data off the iPhone and displays it in the LCD screen that sits between the speedometer and tachometer. You access everything via the steering wheel mounted controls.

After working with a number of Bluetooth systems that force the user to jump through hoops, simply to pair, the Audi system is simply scrumptious. Having the system instantly put all that data at your fingertips, without having to take them off the steering wheel is icing on the cake.

This is the way it should be …

6 thoughts on “Audi A4 Bluetooth Pairing”

  1. @Wagner – You’ll need an aftermarket kit. If you want it integrated with your existing audio system, the best bet might be to check with a local car audio shop.

  2. o rly? then pls explain to me why after initially being able to pair my 3G iphone to Audi bluetooth, the connection has since vanished and the iphone is blind to the audi when re-pairing but can pair with other devices. The audi can be seen by and pair up with other phones so its not broken either. this article is a sad waste o time and the author is under the illusion of having contributed something meaningful and, obviously, hasn’t.

  3. @u-n-know – Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your Audi and 3G iPhone. You are not alone.

    I pair my 3G iPhone with a different review car every week (when the car is Bluetooth-equipped, which is more often than not these days). The iPhone acts strange once in a while and doesn’t want to communicate with a car that’s already been synced.

    When this happens, I delete the connection on the iPhone, turn off Bluetooth, and start from scratch.

    The problem has cleared up each time (knock wood).

  4. I have an A4 that is a stripped down company car. To put in hands free will cost 1200.00. I have the screen, but apparently not anything else to make the phone functions work. Are there any aftermarket kits I can buy?

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