Sync My Ride? Not on an iPhone

I’m test driving a jumbo-size Ford Flex this week …and I’m digging its limo-esqueness much more then I thought I would (as I’m much more a fan of much smaller vehicles). But there’s one glich that has me stumped … I can’t get the Flex’s Microsoft Sync audio system to sync with my iPhone. I’ve run through the Bluetooth setup a few times and I can’t seem to get it paired.

I thought I might find a hint or two on the official website ( …

Alas, the site is built with Flash and isn’t usable with the iPhone’s Safari browser.


Let’s see if I can get it worked out in the morning …

Update: Jumped onto my desktop computer to find out that while the 3G iPhone is indeed supported. It looks like I may need to download the SYNC Connectivity Enhancement Release 1.1 to pair. All SYNC features should be supported, with the exception of audio streaming, SMS/Text messaging, and ring tone transfer.

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