Common Craft Explains Ford’s Microsoft Sync System in 2:54

For all of its simplicity and technological wizardry, Microsoft’s Sync audio system can be tough to explain to the uninitiated. “Have you ever been experienced,” Jimi sang … and though, well, I have … I’ve had a tricky time concisely explaining exactly how Sync works in the past.

Thankfully, the brilliant folks at Common Craft have made it all easy to understand.

While my Sync experience has been limited to the audio capabilities (I didn’t have a Bluetooth capable phone until well after I reviewed the Ford Focus, Ford Edge, and Ford Fusion this past spring), Common Craft’s piece explains how Sync delivers complete control of your mobile phone as well as your digital music player.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to reviewing my next Ford, so I can have the Sync system place my calls, and read my text messages aloud as I’m rolling up the miles.

The Sync system is a big plus for anyone considering a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle. Ford’s advantage over its many rivals is not likely to last indefinitely. As I learned first hand at SEMA last week, Microsoft is putting a good bit of effort into developing their in-car software (of which Sync is just a part), and is destined to own a market where all fear to tread.

Make no mistake about it. Microsoft isn’t likely to have a significant rival in the dashboard space: not Apple, not Google, not Yahoo, not open-source. The opportunity rests unchallenged in Microsoft’s hands.

For more detail on the Sync system, check out this segment I did recently with my pal Gary Rosenzweig at

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