MPGomatic Now in Alltop and iTunes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks behind the scenes. I ran a panel discussion at the Blog World conference on Sunday the 21st and have been playing catch up since then. I landed mid-morning on Friday and got to the conference just in time to catch Guy Kawasaki and Steve Rubel’s keynote luncheon. Lady Luck shined on me, as I was able to spend ten minutes chatting with Guy after the session wrapped up. It’s been eons since I first read The Macintosh Way, way back when, and had give to thanks where thanks were due … before sharing a bit about what we’re doing here on

Alltop, all the top stories

Guy seemed genuinely interested in what we’re up to, and suggested that we submit our feed to Alltop, his ‘”online magazine rack” of popular topics’ …
lo and behold, we’re now on Alltop’s Auto page.
Many thanks to Guy and Neenz!

My panel discussion on Building Blogger Cred went fantastically well, thanks to a positively stellar panel (Scott Monty, Michelle Naranjo, Joe Neuberger, and Muhammad Saleem) and an absolutely wonderful audience. Scott got things rolling by setting up a Twitter hashtag (#cred) allowing the session to be completely interactive.

When I got back to the ranch, I set out to take care of a bunch of loose ends that have been flopping around here for far too long. Getting our videos into iTunes has been a goal for some time now. I’m glad to say that goal’s been reached. You can now download our video podcast to watch at your leisure, away from your computer: MPGomatic iTunes podcast

While the economy’s imploding, we’re plowing everything we can back into the website and video podcasts, with the promise to continue to bring you a free stream of content unlike anything else you’ll find either in print or on the Internet.

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