2009 Toyota Yaris

The ante in the high-MPG entry-level hatchback market has been upped with the introduction of the 2009 Toyota Yaris five-door Liftback. The new versatile five-door Yaris Liftback rounds out a trio of fuel-efficient offerings, nailing the cool button between the Yaris sedan’s conventional appearance and the three-door Liftback’s love-it-or-hate-it design. If Goldielocks was in the market for a Yaris, this just might be it.

2009 Toyota Yaris sedan and liftbacks

All 2009 Toyota Yaris models are equipped with the wonderfully fuel-efficient 1.5 liter VVT-i four banger, which produces 106 horsepower (HP) and 103 foot pounds of torque, as it delivers gas mileage that’s truly remarkable. Forget about the official gas mileage estimates for the Yaris … our week-long real-world 2008 Yaris test drive showed the little fuel-sipper capable of delivering between 45 and 50 miles per gallon on the highway, when driven conscientiously (windows up and air conditioning off at 65 MPH or so).

2009 toyota Yaris 5 door front view

The Yaris five-door Liftback enters an increasingly competitive hatchback field, as it jockeys for position with the likes of the Honda Fit, Mazda3, Chevy Aveo5, Kia Rio5, Saturn Astra, and Suzuki Reno. While the 2009 Yaris may be a bit more expensive then some competing models, Toyota’s reputation for long-term quality and the Yaris’ real-world gas mileage results are a winning combination.

2009 Toyota Yaris 5 door rear view

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  1. i just had my 2008 yaris liftback long enough to change oil for the first time with my previous mpg high of almost 45. i changed oil using mobile 1 synthetic 5w-30. afterwards i drove over 200 miles to the mountains of NC from fayetteville where i live. i achieved my best mpg yet using cruise control at 65-67 mph with ac on with my car equipped with auto transmission i got 47 mpg!

  2. I found the switch to synthetic oil to get another 1.5-2 mpg out of my Yaris LB, and be cleaner on the environment.My 2008 has an automatic transmission I average 35-36 in city have gotten almost 50 mpg on an extended open road trip driving 66 mpg without heavy traffic and ac off.

  3. I am considering purchasing the 2009 Yaris 4 door LB Auto – (unfortunately, the 4 door only comes with auto transmission.) I want the package with the split/fold-flat rear seat, but this package also comes with 15 inch wheels. I am concerned that the extra doors (extra weight?) and larger wheels might increase fuel consumption. I would love to hear what sort of mileage folks are getting with this combo.

  4. If you read the specifications page of the 2009 Yaris brochure ; you will learn that all models (LB & Sedans) have the same base curb weight irregardless of body style and trim level! Hope this helps in your purchasing decision. P.S. They all have the MPG rating. [See toyota.com/yaris]

  5. Thanks for all the excellent info on the Yaris, especially the weight/mpg of the 2009 4 door HB. (Please don’t use “irregardless,” it’s junk language.)

  6. The Yaris brochure(MY 2009) lists a picture of the “S” sedan in Zephyr Blue metallic. In the same brochure on the inside cover page,footnote #18 says not available on S. What’s the truth?

  7. Hi we are buying a new Toyota Yaris 5 door hatchback with power windows, power locks, keyless entry, A/C, alloy wheels! It is very nice, and I heard that you can get 50mpg in it! I’m totally going to hypermile!

  8. I purchased a 2009 Yaris about 6 months ago. I have been impressed wit this vehichle. I consistently get around 40-50 mpg and I don’t do a lot of highway travel.

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