Plug-In Electric Vehicles: Where Are We Today?

This panel discussion at the Brookings/ Plug-In Vehicles 2008 conference on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 focused on the real-world barriers facing the mass adoption of plug-in electric vehicles.

While Felix Kramer of CalCars is highly optimistic, as he stated “we will see an explosion of plug-in cars between 2010 and 2012,” Alan Madian of LECG painted a picture far less rosy ….

“Unless substantial efficiency gains are realized simultaneously through the use of other technological improvements or liquid fuel alternatives or plug in hybrid penetration that vastly exceeds the optimistic assumptions that I have utilized, we may be using more liquid fuel and possibly even more petroleum in 2036 then we are now.”

“If we are to curtail our petroleum use, we will have to wage the battle broadly on multiple fronts. Plug-in hybrids can make a significant contribution. It’s a wonderful technology. But they can only gradually provide a small part of the solution.”

Felix Kramer – Founder, CalCars
Tom Kuhn – President, Edison Electric Institute
Alan Madian – Director, LECG
Bill Reinert – National Manager, Advanced Technology Group, Toyota
Mary Ann Wright – CEO, Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions

Moderated by Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post.

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