Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage

The sub-compact Toyota Yaris delivers very good gas mileage, an entry-level price, and a whole lot of personality. On the highway, the Yaris scores highway gas mileage figures in the mid-thirty mile per gallon (MPG) range, with a city rating of 29 MPG.

The 2010 Yaris is available as both a four-door sedan (for the more sedate) a three door liftback (for the more daring), and a five-door liftback (added in the 2009 model year). The Yaris Liftback S (shown above) and Sedan S (shown below) add a bit of sporting demeanor, with front and rear under-bumper spolers, side rocker panels, larger (15-inch) wheels, and a sound-system that features the all-important MP3 player jack.

The 2008 Toyota Yaris is fitted with a 1.5 liter DOHC four cylinder engine producing 106 horsepower (HP) and 103 foot pounds of torque. The Yaris is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission as standard equipment; a four-speed electronically controlled automatic with overdrive is available as an option.

No question about it, this little critter delivers the MPGs. Check out our Toyota Yaris review where we demolish the official mileage estimates:

Toyota Yaris Gas Mileage – 2007-2010

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Fuel Trans. City Hwy
2010 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (M5) Manual 29 36
2010 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (A4) Auto 29 35
2009 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (M5) Manual 29 36
2009 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (L4) Auto 29 35
2008 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (L4) Auto 29 35
2008 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (M5) Manual 29 36
2007 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (L4) Auto 34 39
2007 Toyota Yaris 4 cylinder 1.5 liter R (M5) Manual 34 40

Note: the EPA tweaked their testing procedure, starting with the 2008 model year, with the end result being that the 2008 MPG estimates are now lower than previous years. As always, YMMV.

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  1. Road Tripped the brand new 2008 Toyota Yaris to the coast and back. Averaged 47.25 MPG!!! anyone else getting mileage like this? 4 door sedan manual trans.

  2. I got approx. 43 mpg on a trip to Yosemite, which was part city, freeway and then mountain driving. I was amazed. Still am. I’ve only checked my city driving once, and that was 37mpg, which is just fine with me, too. I love my little car. It’s perfect for me. I have the 2-door/hatchback ’07 model.

  3. I just bought mine (’08 3-door) on April 15, and my last 3 tanks have gotten 36.5, 36.3 and 37.5 mpg. Taking it on a 10 hour/507 mile trip tomorrow! We’ll see what it gets on pure highway miles.

  4. Not getting good mileage at all for my 2007 Yaris. Only 28 City and 30 freeway.
    Mileage was the only reason I bought this one. Disappointed!

  5. I purchased my 08 4 door sedan in May and have filled twice. Both times have been mix of city and highway. Averaged 44.8 on the first tank and 44.3 on the second tank. I can only gues that pure highway would be close to 48. I love may new Yaris!!!

  6. I have an 08 4 door Auto and I typically get 35mpg city mileage. The highway mileage varies depending on the speed you are maintaining. If you are sticking to the posted speed limit of 70 mph, you can expect to get about 43 mpg, if you slow down to 60 mph the Yaris can get about 52 mpg, and if you have the discipline to go 55 mph you can get about 56 mpg. The Yaris EPA fuel mileage rating is with out a doubt the biggest lie on the planet!

  7. Bought Yaris 07′ HB w/ auto transition, w/ power & weather a year ago. Getting 28/32 from full tank what is bad. A/C doesn’t make big difference on fuel consumption. Don’t believe that “Lights always on” option can make the difference either. Can’t understand how it can run on 40mpg or better

  8. I am thinking of buying a 2008 Yaris, automatic. After reading all comments, maybe it doesn’t do that well on gas mileage after all. Anyone have a 2008 automatic and really finds the car all that Toyota says it is?

  9. I bought my Yaris in 06 and currently am averaging about 45 mpg city/hwy pretty evenly split. I care for the car and record my fillups religiously. The one driving habit I have taken to heart is driving slowly. The best mpg so far has been 50.3, so for all those people with lead feet, drive it slower and you might start to see some improvements. Also, the car is a manual, which allows me to *drive* it for increased gas mileage – no high rpm, and quick shifting into higher gears and coasting on hills wherever possible. It currently have about 40k on it and I plan on driving it well into its 200k – I am hoping to break the 300k mark with this one – it’s been, and will continue to be cared for with white gloves. Cheers,

  10. I got my ’08 3-door auto. about a month ago. I’m getting ~36-37 mpg city, ~39 mixed, and ~43 mpg interstate at 70 mph. I imagine that the mpg would be even better at slower speeds! I’m very happy with my Yaris, and we’ve also bought one for my son (’08 3-door manual). The dealer wants to buy it back, because they’re in such demand – no way!

  11. I bought a 2008 Yaris, hatchback model three weeks ago. I have had three fillups so far, and the first one showed MPG of 34. I got 36 MPG on the second, and improved even more to almost 38 MPG on the most recent fillup. I won’t break any land speed records in this car, but I’ve found that if I watch the lead foot and just “cruise” around. I get excellent mileage. I drives pretty quietly too. Great car for the money, and from what I’ve read it will be a moneysaver when it comes to maintenance costs as well.

  12. I own a 2007 Yaris with Auto transmission. I just returned from Cleveland on Interstate driving and got 45 mpg at 66 mph, cruise control, no A/C. I typically get 37 mpg driving city type driving. I love this car. It has great acceleration, large trunk and tight turning radius.

  13. i recently bought an 07 yaris sedan for the gas mileage.
    my previous car was a 2000 echo. i got much better gas mileage in the echo “41” than in my new yaris “33”

    all these people claiming to get 40-something, probably need to recalculate. its like toyota’s fuel economy gets worse every year. im dissapointed, but its what-ev

  14. I just got a 4 door 5spd Yaris and to tell the truth i was skeptical on the 50+ mpg claims. But i figured what the heck, gotta be better than my last car at 26mpg hiway.

    Well I’m a believer now. I get 50 to 54 mpg all hiway. It is possible. You have to make some driving adjustments, like slow acceleration, coasting when possible and limit top speed to 65mph but its not rocket science.

  15. I have had my Yaris 2007-mod for a year and am very happy with my car. I get between 35-40 mpg depending on where I go, sometimes more on the highway but I guess I drive a little too fast for the extreme mileages.

    All in all a great car, highly recommended.

  16. I have an ’07 Yaris Hatchback. If I drive conservatively I get about 32-35 mpg city and about 40+ mpg highway. Since the car is really peppy it really depends on how you drive it.

    Great auto – I’m just amazed of how well the car is built for the price. Fit and finish is excellent. I will definitely buy another Toyota in the future.

  17. I drove to reno, Nv from Fresno and averaged alomost 50/miles per gallon. Freeway of course. This is by far the best car I have ever had on gas.

  18. I have a 2007 Yaris hatchback, manual transmission. I’m getting about 38-39 mpg overall, with about 70% of my miles on the highway. I’m a bit disappointed, because it seems like I used to get better highway mileage with my 2000 Civic DX, but then again, the Yaris’ engine has much more oomph at low rpm, which brings out the lead-footed moron in me, I guess. If instead of driving 70-75 on the highway and accelerating sharply from every stop, I drove a little more sensibly, I have no doubt I could easily get into the low to mid 40 mpg range.
    Great car in every other respect; the engine is zippy, the manual transmission shifts smoothly, and best of all, the ride is good *and* it handles great. I hope to drive this car for a long time.

  19. I own a 2008 Yaris LB auto. The worst MPG I have gotten was 35 MPG which was a day of work in town as I do a lot of traveling. On the Interstate using cruise control I have gotten as low as 39.7 to 44.6 MPG (highest). The EPA got scrutinized in years past cause some couldn’t get their numbers. I blame this on traffic conditions and possible maintenance issues and bad driving habits. The Yaris is a true blue gas saver at non hybrid prices. Since my experience, two of my friends went out and purchased theirs. One friend on an extended open roat trip out west got 49.2 MPG.
    Steve, Believer in Yaris.

  20. I have an 08 Yaris Liftback with automatic transmission and cruise. I had my AC on today and drove over 200 miles on the Interstate. The speed limit was 65 to 70 MPH with the cruise set on 65 MPG. I averaged 47.8 MPG. City driving falls off to 34-35. I agree with the comment of a True Blue Gas Saver at Nonhybrid prices. My brother isn’t getting maybe a mile or 2 better with his hybrid at $10-14K more. He recommends for those watching their pocketbook to buy a Yaris or Corolla. The Honda Fit isn’t getting these kind numbers based on the post I have read probably have to try the Civic to get the 40 MPG. Just a pain changing those timing belts every 60K mile and $300 on the Hondas. Throw one you got a bummed out valve or piston damage possibly.

  21. I bought my new 2008 Yaris hatchback in Jan. I drive 80 miles a day back and forth to work. I get over 44 mpg. Living in SC, I have made some Appalachian trips with 3 other adults. I still got above 38 mpg. This is a car with room, lateraly and headroom for taller individuals. I love the ‘little car’ so do others now.

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  23. I now have had my 2008 Yaris Lift Back long enough to change oil. I used Mobil 1 sythentic 15000 mile oil 5W-30. Driving mostly Interstate to the mountains from Fayetteville, NC over 200 miles. I got my best mileage yet. Previously it was almost 45 MPG. Today I got 47MPG with AC on using my cruise control set on 67MPH. My transmission is an automatic.

  24. Just got my 09 Yaris sedan with manual trans, checked my first tank and got 40.4 mpg city and highway combo!
    Thats with 3 ro 4 different drivers trying it out!
    Very pleased with the car!!

  25. I bought a 2008 Yaris Hatchback this past July and LOVE IT. I believe the first few months it breaks in, you “may” even get better gas mileage as you go. Anyway, I drive in town most of the time and only fill up every 10 days or so., but, I don’t have a lead-foot. I rarely go over 50 miles an hour. The only thing I do not like abou my Yaris is the seatbelt. Not adjustable. But, that is fixable with a connector. I would recommend a Yaris to anyone who is serious about saving gas money.

  26. we just drove a rented yaris 1500 miles. we got 43 miles per gallon. mostly highway at 75 miles per hour but some windy back roads. amazing mileage.

  27. I got my best mpg yet 51 mpg while driving 57 mph for 115 miles with only 2 short stops using cruise control with a/c set @ 50%.My yaris is an 08 liftback with automatic.My previous best was 48mpg @ 67mph.I have emailed the fedral mpg rating people.There test or ratings don’t reflect the light footed driver driving in rural settings.Go light and drive the speed limit you will see.My mileage got better after 5000 miles got put on the vehicle and using the synthetic oil 5w-30.

  28. I’m startled at some of the low mileage. I used to have a 1990 Honda Civic 5-speed and got about 40 on the highway. This Yaris should consistently get 40 in the city at least…. I don’t get it.

  29. I have 2009 Yaris liftback automactic and have 2,000 miles on the car. I check my mileage every fill up. I drive very conservatively and can only get 31mpg on a mix of city and freeway driving..

  30. @Phil – There are number of culprits which may be causing the lower mileage results.

    The first three would have to be the car’s age, current weather conditions, and standard routine.

    Most engines need to go through their break-in period to achieve optimum performance and fuel economy.

    As we’re in the middle of winter, it begs the question: how long do you allow your Yaris to warm up each morning? The longer it sits at idle, the more gas you’ll burn … resulting in lower mileage.

    How long is your daily commute? Shorter drive times will lead to lower mileage … engine warm up is a double-edged sword. The longer you drive, the more efficiency you’ll achieve … warm up eats fuel, no matter how you cut (either sitting in the driveway or out on the road).

    The best mileage results with the Yaris isn’t just achieved by avoiding full throttle acceleration … how much pressure do you exert on the accelerator *after* you’ve achieved cruising speed?

  31. I bought my 4 door yaris 1 month ago just made my first fill up. I had 548 miles used and I still had a quarter tank left. Now my husband and I mainly only do in town driving and I figure we get 48 to 52 miles per gallon in town driving no highway. Awesome mileage and im very happy with it

  32. I am looking to buy a Yaris and I want the best combined fuel millage. Please include information on car style, sedan or hatchback, manual or automatic. From what I have read it appears the automatic is best on the highway and the 5-speed in town. The sedan should be the most efficient body style. Any input on these assumptions. Presently I drive a 2005 Corolla with a 5-speed and have averaged 38-42 mpg since new. Last summer I did some semi hypermilling on two fillups and averaged 45 each time. I feel that If I had drove the Yaris the same way I would achieve 55. Anyone have some input on this.

  33. I own an ’07 Yaris HB, auto , w/aprox. 30K miles on it. It’s been well maintained; but I’ve been severely disappointed with the mileage since it was new. Started with 24 mpg for the first 5000 miles or so. Gradually creeped up to 28-30 for the last 25K miles. Have never gone over 30 mpg. I drive 17 miles one way to work each day. First 5 miles are at 45 mph. Next 5 miles are at 75 mph (freeway, less than that will get you run over or blown off road). Last 7 miles are at 45-50 mph. I’m a senior, so am not a leadfoot. Very disappointing! My wife’x ’06 Scion Xb with same drivetrain does much better at 33 mpg pretty consistantly. I seem to recall my ’76 Civic HB (non-CVCC) 4-spd. always delivered 35 mpg or better. And back then, I WAS a leadfoot and drove the livin’ _ _ _ _ out of it. It was a non-computerized, carbureted car. So why such a difference in mileage. I’ve determined my Yaris must have been built on a Monday or Friday, or else nobody else in this long list of respondents knows how to properly compute mileage. I continue to be baffled!

  34. Mike –

    As circumstances have it, I’m in the midst of road testing a 2009 Yaris five-door this week.

    The results I’m seeing with the five-door are very similar to the 2008 Yaris sedan I tested last year. These cars absolutely love to be driven with a light foot.

    Unfortunately, Toyota does not provide an instant fuel economy gauge with the Yaris … and these displays are key to getting the most out of every gallon of gas. Once you see when and where the engine is burning fuel, you’ll learn to modulate your right foot … lifting off the throttle as often as possible to maximize coast time.

    I’ve been testing the 2009 with a pre-production Auto Meter Ecometer and it works like a charm. I tested the 2008 with a ScanGaugeII and it worked equally well. The Ecometer should be available soon (if not already) at roughly half the price of the ScanGaugeII. While the Ecometer lacks many of the advanced features of the ScanGaugeII (error codes, throttle position, etc.), it’s quite effective for getting the most out of every gallon.

  35. I am doing a report on this car in school. It is due today and I have looked everywhere on this computer. How many gallons of gas does this car hold? i need to find out. If you know please get back to me(:

  36. I got 35 mpg highway, with my new 2007 Toyota Yaris 3 door liftback with automatic, winter package and power windows/power mirrors. I was driving mid-winter from Maryland to Ohio with the Yaris loaded to the roof with personal items. I love how Toyota moved the speedometer to the center of the dash and the 4 glove boxes in the liftback. I was able to install a aftermarket navigation system behind the steering wheel. Love the short front end that makes the Yaris the best car I have ever owned for looking around bushes at intersections. The Yaris is the easiest vehicle I have owned when it comes to parking.

  37. I have a 2009 Yaris 4-door Sedan with manual transmission…

    Typical mixed driving: 39 mpg

    Highest so far: 41 mpg
    Lowest do far: 36 mpg

  38. I have a 2010 Yaris with 5 speed manual.
    Going about 70 on the interstate with AC I’ve been getting 42 mpg. City about 30mpg, but that’s with AC and a red light every other block (Miami). So I seldom even get to shift into 4th gear, pretty much stop and go the entire time.
    Love tight turning circle and roomy interior. Overall gas mileage is very similar to the 4 speed Tercel I owned previously. That car had 177K miles on it, never gave me ANY grief and was still running well when I traded it in. Hope to get the same reliability out of the Yaris…time will tell.

  39. I own a vitz. I get 47mpg, and I love this car because its easy to park and move in the city, and love driving it on the highways.

  40. I just filled up after doing nothing but drive around town since the last fill – absolutely no highway driving. My Yaris automatic has just turned 2 and, although I was a little disappointed in the mileage the first year, I now get a steady 40 mpg (mostly stop and go city driving) and, this fillup, a most satisfactory 42.9 mpg. I do love this little car.

  41. have an 08 yaris 4door with manual, on a recent trip to ca(live in wa) we got mid 40s and the car was loaded with stuff, large dog, child and two adults plus cloths food and misc. i didnt drive the car slow either, i needed to make time, so was doing 70+ most of the way. in the city we get can go for a week an a half on one tank. just put on a set of 17″ wheels so we will see what that does to the MPG
    love the great mileage, but one thing is for sure, MPG differs a lot from person to person and driving styles, if you accelerate hard away from stops or out of corners then your MPG will drop faster than the US economy. but if you easy you can get better mileage. ive gone less than 4 days on a tank cause i drove the piss outta the car so 90% of MPG depends on the driver.

  42. I have a 2007 Yaris, and I’m getting bad gas mileage. I drive 62 miles to work one way (124 miles per day 65mph all high) and I have already put over 100K miles (95% of the mileage is highway). I had new plugs installed about a two months ago and a new timing belt, also just installed new hankook tires..and am getting about 30 miles highway and 26 city.. and want to know why.

  43. What is the best Engine Oil Filter and Air Filter to improve gas mileage?
    I have a 2007 Auto 4 door Yaris. I get 34 mpg at speed of 55 mph?
    how do i improve it?

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